Freeman Harris Funeral Home Records – 1940 – 1980

Freeman Harris Funeral Home

212 East Elem Street

Rockmart, Georgia 30153

(770) 684-6551

[email protected]


“Mr. Freeman Harris purchased Cochran Funeral Home in 1942 and renamed it Freeman Harris Funeral Home.  Read more on its history at

PCCPC is grateful to Melton Moss and the staff of Freeman Harris Funeral Home for granting us access to their records from 1940-1980.  Record cards are scanned and available by calling or emailing the funeral home. 


Funeral Home Records          1940 – 1980

A Ba Be – Bri Bro – By
G H I – J K
L M Mc – N O – P
Q – R S T U – V
  W X-Y-Z  

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