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Cherokee Georgia  $25.00; 249 pages w/Index

This book has no date, but apparently was written in about 1880, judging by the people mentioned therein and by the people who are not mentioned therein who must have come after the book was written. It contains much fact and information and some exaggeration.
Compiled by Polk County Cemetery Preservation Committee

Polk County, Georgia Cemeteries, “In the Corners of Forever,
Volume I & II” $80/set (Vol. I, 217 pages
w/Index; Vol. II, 228 pages; w/index)

This two volume set holds surveys of 85 cemeteries here in Polk County, Georgia, that was compiled while Jane and Ralph Ayers were working on family genealogy. It was found that they needed to go into remote cemeteries here in the county. Rather than returning to a certain cemetery several times, they found a most unique, interesting and rewarding hobby. This led to recording all the cemeteries they could find in the county. When they had compiled their work to be published, Jane and Ralph had their books copyrighted in 1986. Upon their passing, their daughter gave the copyrights to the Polk County Historical Society. Polk County Cemetery Preservation Committee gained permission to reprint these two volumes for resale.

Polk County, Georgia Cemetery Survey Book, Vol. I  $15.00 (68 pages w/Index)

The series of books is divided into districts of the county.
Volume I covers Districts 1223, 1447 & 1518. Cemeteries that are in book are:

Ammons, Hosea Camp, Stewart, Antioch, Hubbard Brooks, Unknown Cemetery #1, Brumby, Lee’s Chapel, Valley View, County Line, Maple Springs, Winkles, Dugdown Baptist Church, Morgan-McJunkin, Young Family, Dugdown Farm, Peek-Wright, Young’s Grove, Hampton-Barnett, Pleasant Hill, Hightower and St. Johns.

The book is a soft cover, spiral bound book with a “full name index”. Beside the information from the tombstone, additional information has been added in brackets [ ], where known.

Polk County, Georgia Funeral Home Records 1944-1949  $15.00 (31 pages w/Index)

This is a soft cover, spiral bound book. The records are listed by date, starting with an Infant that died on September 1, 1944 and was buried the same day. The last record is of a person that died on December 31, 1949.
Each record has the name of the person as listed on the Funeral Record, names of survivors, place the Funeral service was held and place of burial. Most records have the birth date and place, along with name of spouse and some have date of marriage or years of marriage. Most have list of pallbearers and some have the names of the singers. Many of the records have the names of the parents and place of birth.
Additional information or corrections has been added in brackets [ ], where known.

The book comes with a “full name index”.
Name of Deceased is in bold print. Other names are regular print and corrections or additional information in italics.

The predominate names are: Archer, Ash, Barnett, Barrett, Bishop, Brock, Brooks, Brown, Burkhalter, Cambron, Camp, Carroll, Carter, Chandler, Cole, Coleman, Crawford, Davis, Dollar, Dowdy, Ellis, Ferguson, Fincher, Garner, Griffith, Hackney, Hamrick, Howard, Hudson, Hunt, Jackson, Johnson, Knight, Lee, Lockridge, Logan, Martin, McDowell, Moore, Morris, Nichols, Nunn, Philpot, Pittman, Powell, Pyle(s), Reynolds, Runyon, Shaw, Sheffield, Shiflett, Short, Sloan, Sloman, Smith, Stephens, Taylor, Thacker, Thomas, Welchel, Wheeler, White, Williams, Willingham, Wilson, Wood(s), Yarbrough
Plus many more.

Polk County, Person and Things (C.K. Henderson)  $20.00 (179 pages w/Index)

Compiled and Edited from a 1937 unpublished manuscript located in the Polk County Historical Society Museum by Volunteers of the Polk County Cemetery Preservation Committee, February 2017

Polk County Persons and Things, written by Charles K. Henderson, were serial stories in the Cedartown Standard begun in the nineties. In the beginning it was thought that it was Mr. Henderson’s purpose to write only of those “who had had their little day, their chance at toil their fling at play”, but the inclination to write was strong and friends kept coming with more history to record.

Treat Baptist Church Minutes, 1907-Feb 1915  $10.00 (76 pages)
These minutes were scanned from the original Convention Church record of Treat Baptist Church. The time period covered is from October 1907 – February 6, 1915. Included are names of church members, when they were received into the church and a deceased date if applicable. Minutes are detailed from which researchers may glean more names as well as what business was conducted by the church.

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Polk County Historical Society Museum
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(The museum is open: Wednesday from 1:30 until 4pm
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