Young’s Cemetery – #046

Recorded March 1969 by Ralph and Jane Ayers.  Surveyed 2004 by Michael and Doris Robbins.  Verified 15 September 2005 by David Green, PCCPC Volunteers. Updated and photographed 13 April 2011 by Butch and Jane B. Thompson.

Directions: Located on Cason/Antioch Rd. just pass Wooten Rd. on the left. The new school can be seen from the cemetery.

GPS: 33.95029, -85.21804

James Young Family

Sign          Fence          Cemetery          Cemetery         Cemetery         Cemetery          Cemetery         Cemetery           Cemetery          Cemetery          Cemetery          

Cobb, Cynthia C.11 Jun 185109 Jul 1853d/o N.F. & M.A. Cobb; marker is broken
Cobb, Nathaniel F.05 May 186621 Mar 1873s/o N.F. & M.A. Cobb; marker is broken
Fite, Emily (Mrs.)22 Dec 184124 Oct 1878Consort of Ezekiel Fite
Irwin, Ida04 Jul 189122 Feb 1892Inf. d/o F.A. & Mollie A. Irwin
Jones, Mary Estelleone date 27 Apr 1879d/o M/M J.B. Jones; age 9 mo, 13 dys
McWilliams, Jack Hugh15 Oct 191514 Aug 1977Married Mary Sep 5, 1941; add'l
McWilliams, John Wm.19 Mar 194528 Aug 1968
McWilliams, Mary Young05 Sep 190607 Feb 1980Married Jack Sep 5, 1941; add'l
Morgan, Benjamin F.13 Feb 181322 May 1863add'l
Morgan, Joseph A.22 Feb 185217 Feb 1886add'l
Morgan, Manerva Young15 Feb 182306 Oct 1900w/o B.F. Morgan
Unknown190919__ Litesey FH marker
Young, Annie Neely13 Apr 190418 Nov 1949
Young, Annie Neely25 Jul 186902 Sep 1947
Young, Augustin07 Aug 179902 Feb 1868add'l; add'l
Young, Augustin E., Jr.06 Jan 190912 Jun 1989
Young, Augustin Eugene04 Oct 186312 Jun 1938
Young, Catherin02 Dec 179902 Feb 1868
Young, Dora Hunter13 Dec 191230 Mar 1992
Young, Dorothy Griffin12 Apr 190830 Nov 1990add'l
Young, Emiline Ammons14 Mar 183619 Jun 1899w/o Ja's. Young; add'l
Young, Ida13 Apr 190420 Sep 1990
Young, James25 May 187010 Jul 1871s/o R.L. & C.A. Young
Young, James14 Apr 190224 Dec 1985add'l
Young, James22 Dec 183227 Mar 1918add'l
Young, Martha 11 Jun 183522 Dec 1843Marker very hard to read
Young, Robert L.17 Jun 183525 Mar 1873
Young, William Phillip08 Nov 194618 Feb 1988

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