Valley View Baptist Church Cemetery – #052

Recorded June 1968 by Ralph and Jane Ayers.  Surveyed Fall 2004 by Michael and Doris Robbins, PCCPC Volunteers.  Updated and photographed by Jane B. and Jason Thompson, PCCPC Volunteers.

Directions: 338 Wray Mine Rd, Cedartown; From Cedartown take Hwy 27 south about 4 1/2 miles. Turn right onto Grogan Road. Go to Wray Road, turn left. Cemetery will be on the right beside the church. 

GPS: 33.91427, -85.25051

Sign          Church          Cemetery       Cemetery            Cemetery          Cemetery          Cemetery          Cemetery         Cemetery         Cemetery           

Arvin, Janet Louise11 Apr 199601 May 2003Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
Ayers, Mattie (Mrs.)19 Oct 195324 Dec 2003Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
Ballew, Cristal Michelle09 Jan 197722 Sep 2008
Cheeks, George William30 May 194114 Feb 2005Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
Clark, John E., Sr.19502008Lester Litesey FHM only
Crawford, Bill04 Apr 194816 Sep 2005Lester Litesey FHM also
Cummings, Monte Floyd, Jr.26 Feb 193119 Sep 2010SSG US Army Korea
Dutton, Bessie11 Apr 192323 May 1997Age 73; Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
Dutton, Dale19492007FHM only
Dutton, Mary Smith11 May 193125 Aug 2009Hutcheson's Memorial Chapel & Crematory FHM only
Gilbeath, Jennine19592005Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
Gladden, Christine C.06 Aug 194319 Jul 2011Married Paul E. Aug 27, 1967; Lester C. Litesey FHM also
Gladden, Paul E.22 Feb 1942blank Married Christine Aug 27, 1967
Hayes, Garvin L. 01 Mar 193025 Mar 1999PFC US Army
Henderson, Dora A. (Ms.)03 Aug 194920 Dec 2002
Hulsey, Calvin07 Jun 194017 Apr 2001add'l; Lester Litesey FHM also
Hulsey, Flora Vines30 Mar 1943 2002 add'l; Lester Litesey FHM also
Hulsey, Jerry W.19401992Lester Litesey FHM only
Jackson, Althel Jack13 Mar 1929blank
Jackson, Lula B.02 Apr 194211 May 2001
James, J.W. "Bill"24 Aug 193721 Jul 2006PFC US Army; Age 68; Gammage FHM also
James, Katherine Lee19352013Alvis Miller & Son FHM only
James, Roy Dale14 Dec 196018 Aug 2001Age 40; FHM also
Johnson, Martha Lee19312009FHM only
Kelly, Joseph 26 Mar 192819 Nov 1988
Kelly, Ruby V.01 Jun 192419 Feb 2001
King, Martha Irene10 Mar 193225 Nov 1991
Lipscomb, Hesta R.10 Feb 1936blank
Lipscomb, Melvin Ray 01 Sep 192709 Jun 1998
LNU, John Henry11 Mar ____ Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
Lorrens, Glenda C.28 Dec 1951blank Married John Henry Dec 17, 1977
Lorrens, John Henry02 Dec 193523 Nov 2006Married Glenda C. Dec 17, 1977; SP5 US Army Vietnam; Lester Litesey FHM also
Lunsford, Daniel Dewitt02 Nov 192904 Aug 1993CPL US Army Korea
McDowell, Franklin Harrison03 Feb 195719 Feb 2005Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
McGatha, Winford Joe (Joey)23 Oct 196931 Mar 2003Lightfoot 88
McGee, Max19632003FHM only
McKibben, Harvey Lee11 Feb 194318 Jul 1988PVT US Army
McKibben, Harvey Lee, Jr.02 Feb 197112 Apr 1977
Norton, Christopher Ray09 Sep 197814 Oct 1995Hutcheson's Memorial Chapel FHM only
Oliver, Karen Marie01 Dec 196121 Nov 2004Lester Litesey FHM also
Redding, Christy Ann13 Jun 197714 Jun 1977
Rice, James David19482009Lester Litesey FHM only
Rice, Pluma 19011988add'l
Rice, Sherlie M. 18981967add'l
Richards, Annie C. Davis20 Nov 1944 Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
Richards, David E.19631967Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
Richards, G.B. (Rev.)17 Aug 193823 May 2000Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
Richards, N.L.03 Jun 192729 Jul 2013Hutcheson's Memorial Chapel & Crematory FHM only
Schuetz, John "West"05 Feb 197011 Nov 2012
Smith, John H.18911978Lester Litesey FHM only
Smith, Walter Lee19141998Lester Litesey FHM only
Stroup, Aron 19201982US Army WWII
Stroup, Bassel (Mrs.)23 Dec 192715 Oct 1997add'l; Lester Litesey FHM also
Stroup, Doris Gail23 Dec 196329 Sep 2011Litesey FHM also
Stroup, James 19701970Infant Son; Litesey FHM
Stroup, James E. 16 Feb 193627 Nov 1978add'l
Stroup, Linda G. 15 Apr 1945blank add'l
Stroup, Milton Bud 26 Apr 192520 May 2005add'l; Lester Litesey FHM also
Stroup, Russell 19 Jan 189201 Apr 1963
Stroup, Tammy Sue28 Jan 197214 Apr 1972Baby
Stroupe, Lillie Bell19051969
UninscribedMarked with cross only
Uninscribedno dates FHM unreadable
Uninscribedno dates FHM unreadable
Uninscribedno dates FHM unreadable
Uninscribedno dates FHM unreadable
Uninscribedno dates FHM unreadable
Vines, Charles Albert25 Apr 1923November 7, 1900PFC US Army WWII
Vines, Howard Eugene 09 Mar 194123 Feb 2007
Vines, Janet Hulsey16 Feb 194914 Mar 2005
Vines, Jessie “Clyde” 08 Dec 192629 Mar 1999
Vines, Johnny C.23 Sep 195202 Aug 1967
Vines, Judy A. November 5, 1900blank
Vines, Robert W, Sr. (Rev.)24 May 193425 Jul 2002add'l
Vines, Shirley A. 29 Dec 193711 Sep 2008add'l
Vines, William Anthony14 Apr 1976blank
Vines, William H. 26 Sep 195317 Nov 2003
Wells, Brexie Nell13 Apr 192306 Aug 1961
Wells, E.Z.21 May 189213 Nov 1961add'l
Wells, Fred E.19171984PVT US Army WWII
Wells, Josephine20 Sep 1879blankadd'l
Williams, James (Ed), Sr.14 Dec 194417 Aug 1997
Williams, Sarah Aline Wells19 Oct 194616 Feb 2002Age 55; FHM also
Williams, Tina Ann30 Feb 1980November 6, 1900Age 24; Gammage FHM only
Woody, John Robert19362006Lester Litesey FHM only
Worley, Andrew Ray15 Apr 200815 Apr 2008s/o Jonathan & Rebecca

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