Valley Grove Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery – #067

Recorded June 1968 by Ralph and Jane Ayers.  Cemetery cleaned and surveyed 21 August 2013 by Greg Gray and PCCPC Volunteers.  Photographed by Jane B. Thompson.

Directions: Head NE on N Main St toward E Fairmount Ave, then turn left onto John Hand Rd. Travel about 1 mi and turn right onto Cave Spring Rd. After 2.6 mi, turn right onto Valley Grove Rd. Go about .3 mi and cemetery will be on the right. Valley Grove Rd., Cedartown.

GPS: 34.05720, -85.28834

Before          Before          After          After          Cemetery          Cemetery          Cemetery                 Cemetery          Cemetery        Cemetery

Brock, Hiram18521925add'l
Brock, Margaret18481926w/o Hiram Brock
Couch, Robert Weldonno dates Inf. s/o Weldon & Corine Couch
Griffin, Louisa Hamrick18431929w/o Jim Griffin
Griffin, Minnieone date 1896 Died in infancy
Griffin, Nan18891916d/o Louisa & Jim Griffin
Griffin, Robbieno dates Age 15; d/o Louisa & Jim Griffin
Griffin, Rosa J.03 Aug 188004 Mar 1887d/o B.F. & Mary C. Griffin
Hall, Laura Hatch28 Nov 185926 Mar 1944
Hamrick, Frances Pyle18511879w/o N.A. Hamrick; m/o W.O. Hamrick
Hamrick, Irene M.27 May 189320 May 1894
Hamrick, Joel R.23 May 187803 Jun 1879
Hamrick, John L.10 Sep 188721 Jun 1889
Hamrick, Julia P. Minshew27 Mar 186604 Aug 1942add'l; Married Nathaniel Augustus Hamrick May 1, 1882
Hamrick, Lula J.13 Oct 188507 Jun 1887
Hamrick, Martha J.06 Jun 183306 Mar 1910w/o R.S. Hamrick
Hamrick, Nathaniel Augustus07 Jun 185103 Aug 1912add'l; Married Julia P. Minshew May 1, 1882
Hamrick, Robert S.09 Nov 183322 Dec 1908Serg Co H 1 GA Cavalry CSA
Hamrick, Shirley Nancy18 Feb 189512 Feb 1984Registered Nurse
Hatch, Ada J.22 Feb 185308 Aug 1908w/o T.F. Hatch
Hatch, Albert13 Sep 188324 Apr 1903add'l
Hatch, Alma V.28 Feb 192414 Mar 1924
Hatch, Lillie H.05 Jun 188808 Nov 1983add'l
Hatch, T.F.08 Aug 184617 Apr 1933add'l
Hatch, W.B.1822 Oct 22 May 1900add'l
Hatch, William C.22 Jun 189628 Feb 1946add'l
Hudson, Martha Price18501927
Lester, George Washington13 Jun 18081882 Jun
McDonald, C.F.09 Sep 190421 Oct 1904Footstone also
Teat, Elizabeth16 Nov 184607 May 1915w/o J.L. Teat
Teat, Ella M.18781943add'l
Teat, John B.18751953add'l
Teat, John Lynch02 Mar 183926 Jul 1893Pvt Co G 22 GA Infantry CSA; add'l
Woods, D.F.16 Jan 189711 Jul 1899
Woods, Eva L.18 Apr 188120 Aug 1965add'l; Married Wm J. Woods Jul 7, 1901
Woods, Infant Son23 Feb 190423 Feb 1904Inf. s/o M/M W.J. Woods; add'l
Woods, O.B.17 Nov 190120 Jun 1903
Woods, R.B.14 Jul 191405 Mar 1945Georgia Pfc 395 Inf WWII P H; add'l
Woods, Sybil Carroll12 Jul 191719 Apr 1982add'l
Woods, William J.22 Feb 187902 Jan 1966add'l; Married Eva L. Woods Jul 7, 1901

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