The History of Red Hill Cemetery and Red Hill (AME) Church

In 1865 Herman Prior’s wife died which was shortly after slavery time.  At this time Old Man Hayden Prior would not let Herman’s wife be buried where slaves were buried.

Herman Prior and his four sons started walking toward Cedartown, Georgia to find a burying place.  During their travel they stopped for drinking water at Ms. Mary Wiggins Dempsey’s home.  Herman began to explain the reason for their travel was to locate a burying place for his deceased wife.

After Ms. Dempsey listened to Herman she decided to give him two plus acres to bury his wife at the Red Hill Cemetery that was established in 1865.  Ms. Dempsey also discussed with Herman that this land could be used to bury generations to come.

Other families were in the same situation as Herman Prior and his family so he decided to turn Red Hill Cemetery into a community burying place.  Red Hill Cemetery’s location from highway 278 is 5 and 1/10 miles on the right hand side of Prior Station Road in Cedartown, Georgia.  Shortly after this, Ms. Morton gave land to the family to build a church.  The name of this church was Red Hill AME.

In 1865 two of Herman Prior’s sons left Cedartown, Georgia to go to Pell City, Alabama.  The two boys were not heard from again.  It is believed to be that Leadger Prior is the brother of Seabeam Prior.

In 1920 Grand Pa Joseph changed the spelling of his last name from Prior to Pryor.

Joseph and Elizabeth Pryor’s family are buried at Red Hill Cemetery except for three of the family members.

History furnished by Eddie Neal.

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