Springdale Baptist Church Cemetery – #008

Recorded May 1969 by Ralph and Jane Ayers.  Updated and photographed 18 Jul 2014 by Butch and Jane B. Thompson, PCCPC Volunteers.

Directions: 1401 Springdale Rd., Rockmart; Travel US-278 out of Rockmart for 2.8 mi.  Turn left onto Coots Lake Rd.  Drive 0.8 mi, then turn left onto Springdale Rd.  Church and cemetery will be on the right.

GPS: 33.98524, -85.00072

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Alexander, Norris O.15 Oct 192901 May 2012Cpl US Army Korea; add'l
Alexander, Ruby L.11 Dec 1935blankadd'l
Allgood, Alice Carol Reese19 Apr 196421 Jan 1997
Bone, Michael E.11 Jun 197907 Jul 1983
Brock, Leonard Paulone date27 Jun 1996Died at birth
Brock, Scott19732001Fred Talley's Parkview Chapel FHM only
Brown, Cathy P.21 Nov 195710 Jun 2009
Callahan, Clarence T.18 Jan 191613 Nov 1975
Callahan, Elbert W.02 Mar 191904 Feb 1970
Callahan, Floyd Kenneth11 Sep 197011 Sep 1970
Callahan, Kenneth F.21 Oct 194408 May 1970Freeman Harris FHM also
Callahan, Lenora B.06 May 1916blank
Callahan, Lillian B.23 Mar 192415 Mar 1990Cpl US Army WWII; middle initial on military marker is "E"
Callahan, Louise F.08 Mar 1944blank
Callahan, Mary Sue Hamilton (Mrs.)19 Mar 193802 Nov 2006FHM only
Callahan, Rachel12 Jun 189317 Jan 1970add'l
Callahan, Steve27 Dec 189204 Sep 1978add'l
Camp, Bernice "B"27 Jun 191206 Aug 1984Masonic Emblem on marker; married Lillian M. 15 Jun 1936; Seaman First Class
Camp, Lillian M.21 Dec 191306 Jan 2005add'l; Eastern Star Emblem on marker; married Bernice "B" 15 Jun 1935
Carroll, Gene Calvin14 Mar 194312 Jan 2003
Carroll, Margaret08 Aug 193503 Feb 1994Married W.B. "Beed" 18 Apr 1953
Carroll, W.B. "Beed"13 May 192413 Feb 1981 Married Margaret 18 Apr 1953
Carruth, Sammy17 Feb 197020 Jun 1984
Chandler, Vylee F.06 Jun 1924blankadd'l
Chandler, Walton Willard12 Nov 191624 Jan 1976TSGT US Army WWII; add'l
Chapman, Grady24 Jun 192114 May 2004US Army WWII
Chapman, Melissa Michelle one date24 Sep 1966
Chapman, Vassie H.20 Mar 192429 May 1999
Chapman, William Doyle10 Oct 193028 Oct 1978
Chapmon, Claude17 May 189817 Feb 1978
Chapmon, Fannie L.01 Jul 189827 Jul 1978
Clark, Alice Reese31 Jan 194318 Apr 2009
Coffman, Annie Mae 03 Nov 190411 Jun 1965add'l
Coffman, Dylan Mason25 Jun 198706 Jul 2011
Coffman, Joseph M.28 Apr 194006 Jan 2004add'l
Coffman, Kathrine Tracy27 Jan 197924 Mar 1979
Coffman, Mark Roger17 Mar 195918 Jul 2000
Coffman, Roy H. 17 May 190109 Nov 1964
Coffman, Roy Russell, Jr.28 Feb 197801 Aug 2001
Coffman, Roy William04 Jul 192206 Jan 1984Pfc US Army WWII
Coffman, Sherry Lynn 10 Mar 196511 Mar 1965add'l
Coffman, Vera M.02 Nov 192516 Jul 2006
Coffman, William Edward23 Dec 196015 Oct 2006
Cope, Anna Danielone date28 Oct 1985
Dooley, David H.20 Feb 194324 Mar 2012CEP3 US Navy Vietnam
Dooley, Eva C.26 Nov 192325 Feb 2005
Dooley, Jacy H.17 Oct 192019 Dec 1974BM 2 US Navy; Deacon
Dooley, James Allan20 Apr 194902 Jul 2007Married Patricia Elaine 01 Nov 1969
Dooley, Joyce M.06 Sep 1947blank
Dooley, Patricia Elaine25 Aug 1952blankMarried James Allan 01 Nov 1969
Ely, Linda Lou22 Dec 194804 Apr 2010m/o Pam, Jimmy & Bobby; Alvis Miller & Son FHM also
F., Mark Anthonyone date31 May 1989No full last name
Fennell, Betty Jo24 Feb 1934blankadd'l
Fennell, Bobby12 Oct 192908 Jan 1970add'l
Fennell, Earl E.02 Nov 190104 Sep 1970Married Willie M. 09 Jul 1922
Fennell, Grace E.14 Jan 190525 Apr 1999add'l
Fennell, Jack10 Dec 192523 Dec 1981add'l
Fennell, Jake05 Mar 192601 Nov 1983
Fennell, Jim R.14 Oct 193016 Dec 1998Masonic Emblem on marker
Fennell, Joe10 Dec 192527 Jun 1979
Fennell, Joyce R.10 Aug 194019 Sep 2001add'l
Fennell, Kathryn I.04 Oct 192710 Apr 1999Married Milton D. 28 Dec 1946
Fennell, Katie Mae17 Aug 192309 Jul 1988add'l
Fennell, Kenneth W.08 Aug 195721 Mar 1982add'l
Fennell, Leon C.25 Mar 193308 Feb 1998
Fennell, Louis S. 25 Apr 190826 Mar 1977add'l
Fennell, Loyd Vernon17 Nov 192809 Nov 1999Married Nettie H. 12 Nov 1955; US Navy WWII
Fennell, Lucille M.26 May 193421 Mar 1982add'l
Fennell, Martha J.26 Jan 192808 Aug 2000add'l
Fennell, Melody Darlene03 Jul 196504 Sep 1976
Fennell, Milton D.10 Nov 192412 Nov 1993Married Kathryn I. 28 Dec 1946; S1 US Navy WWII
Fennell, Nettie H.14 Jul 193312 Oct 2011Married Loyd Vernon 12 Nov 1955
Fennell, Patsy Denise 09 Feb 1958 22 Mar 1958
Fennell, Ronal D.22 Aug 194630 Mar 1968Georgia SP4 USAAVNS ELM 3 US Army; add'l
Fennell, Samuel C.24 Aug 190219 Aug 1979add'l
Fennell, Samuel S. (Rev.) 11 Apr 192027 Apr 1993Plaque from Members of Springdale Bapt. Church; add'l
Fennell, Scott J.12 Jun 196912 Apr 2001Masonic Emblem on marker
Fennell, Shirley19 Aug 193803 Dec 1994add'l; Shirley T. Bailey Fennell Burrage on small marker
Fennell, Stanley Lee30 Oct 196320 Dec 1983
Fennell, Sumpter L.08 Jan 187511 Mar 1962
Fennell, Teresa Diane16 Jul 195904 Dec 1977add'l
Fennell, Twinsno datesTwins of Leon Fennell
Fennell, Willie M.27 Apr 190103 Feb 1990Married Earl E. 09 Jul 1922
Forsyth, Fredrick Lane (Freddy)26 Jun 195405 Jun 2005
Forsyth, Louise F.07 Jul 1922blankadd'l; Married William L. 15 Dec 1945
Forsyth, William L.26 Dec 192201 Sep 2001add'l; Married Louise F. 15 Dec 1945; US Army WWII
Harding, Ludie Carter15 Jun 192213 Jan 2014Age 91; Smith FHM, Broadway, NC only
Hindman, Thomas J. 21 May 190113 Jun 1966
Hindmon, Ronald H.26 Apr 195326 Mar 1988add'l
House, Chrisone date1977Freeman Harris FHM only
Hulsey, H.J. (Buck)30 Jan 193901 Jan 1975add'l
Hulsey, Margaret A.18 Jun 190313 Jan 1994add'l
Hulsey, Thomas C., Sr.10 Jul 189704 Apr 1985add'l
Loudermilk, Julia S. 22 Jan 1896blankadd'l
Loudermilk, Lewis F. 03 Mar 189227 Sep 1964add'l
McDonald, Carla Camille one date27 Jun 1966Baby
McDowell, Darrell19622003
McDowell, Linda Brownno dates
McDowell, Mildred B.07 Oct 192925 Dec 2007Married Virgil A.. 13 Sep 1947
McDowell, Mildred I.21 Mar 192302 May 2010add'l
McDowell, Ray M., Sr.22 May 192326 Jun 1984add'l; Freeman Harris FHM also
McDowell, Thomas "Tommy"19562003
McDowell, Virgil A.20 Feb 192615 Nov 1979Married Mildred B. 13 Sep 1947
McEntyre, John A. (Drew Boy)13 Feb 198713 Feb 2008
Newman, May Ann15 Oct 191627 Nov 2009
O'Neal, Clara M.22 Jun 192811 Jun 2003
O'Neal, Joseph H.02 Mar 192010 Feb 2002
Powell, Laurie C.05 Aug 196503 Jan 2010add'l; Married Michael A. 08 Nov 1985
Powell, Michael A.09 Oct 1964blankadd'l; Married Lauri C. 08 Nov 1985
Sharp, James Edward22 Mar 194902 Dec 1994
St Aubin, Ralph H., Jr.30 Mar 192001 Jun 2003US Army WWII
Stanley, Matthew Douglas28 Aug 198408 Oct 1984
Tant, Alma18891974Masonic Emblem on marker
Tant, Essie Mae03 Aug 190717 Oct 1981add'l
Tant, Ezekiel John27 Mar 192020 Aug 1989Masonic Emblem on marker; Happily Married 49 Years; Pfc US Army WWII
Tant, Ophelia J.18861969
Tant, Vennie L.27 Nov 192321 Sep 2008Happily Married 49 Years
Tant, W. Paul24 Aug 190705 Nov 1989Masonic Emblem on marker
Unknownno dates
Vaughn, Ben R.12 Jul 1946blankadd'l; Married Elaine T. 21 Aug 1966
Vaughn, Elaine T.08 Feb 195103 Jan 1999add'l; Married Ben R. 21 Aug 1966
Vaughn, Renell J.15 Aug 193728 Feb 1979
Waters, Dolph20 Dec 189212 Jul 1968
Weaver, Garry Steven04 Dec 195411 Jul 2004FHM also
Weaver, Ray19262006FHM only
White, Author 19351966Freeman Harris FHM only
White, Isaac J.19121996Freeman Harris FHM only
White, Mandie19121979Freeman Harris FHM only
Williams, Epsie B.08 Apr 191112 Feb 1996
Williams, Lewis M.03 May 191112 Dec 1970
Wilson, Linda H.12 Oct 1942blank
Wilson, Sidney E.26 Apr 194519 Sep 2010
Wolfe, Marilyn C.09 Jun 195115 Apr 1981

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