Sanders Cemetery – 072

Recorded June 1968 by Ralph and Jane Ayers.  Survey by Freddie Thompson Feb. 2005. Verified by David Green & Johnny Hutchenson Sept 28, 2005.  Surveyed and photographed 01 Jun 2013 by Jane B. Thompson and PCCPC Volunteers.

Directions: From Main St. in Cedartown, head toward E. Queen St. & turn right onto West Ave. Take the 3rd right onto Prior Sta. Rd., then turn right onto GA-100’Mt. Home Rd. Travel about 1.7 mi, then turn left onto Dry Creek Rd. Take the 1st right onto Sanders Cemetery Rd. which dead ends at cemetery.

GPS: 34.02445, -85.33139

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Anderson, Alfred24 Apr 189811 Jun 1899
Arnett, Horace T.26 Apr 190902 Aug 1976add'l
Arnett, Mattie A.15 Oct 191609 Mar 2001add'l
Ash, Daisy Wiggins11 Oct 188113 Oct 1965add'l
Ash, Elizabeth28 Oct 183816 May 1906w/o Jessie R. Ash
Ash, Evelyn Estell19111928 Daughter
Ash, George N.16 Feb 187815 Feb 1915add'l
Ash, Jesse L.21 Sep 189504 Jul 1916Alabama PVT US Army
Ash, Jesse R.Jan 1826Mar 1892GA Militia Confederate States Army
Ash, Lena N.24 Dec 187813 Jul 1898w/o R.F. Ash
Ash, Minnie E. Sanders24 Mar 187808 Jun 1916w/o W. Eli Ash
Ash, Riley Fletcher23 Feb 186630 Jan 1945
Ash, Samuel N.16 Jun 186805 Feb 1937add'l
Ash, Samuel Prior20 May 190515 Mar 1998s/o R.F. Ash
Ash, William Eli 18 Feb 186330 Nov 1931add'l; es Cato Ashe, wife Mary Moore, s/o Gov. Samuel Ashe, wife Elizabeth Jones Merrick, s/o Brig. Gen. John Baptista Ashe, wife Elizabeth Lillington Swann, s/o John Ashe, "agent for the dessenters," he returned to Eng., 1703. Buried by his 1st wife, Mary Batt. He was known as "John Ashe of the Long Parliment." Served 17 yrs. Born in Teffant Wilshire, England. Erected by Jewel Chism Ash
Bailey, James William 19641964 Marker N/F [Info from previous survey]
Barber, Russell M.07 Dec 196405 Apr 1992
Barrett, Marjorie Cargile12 Sep 190731 Jul 1991
Blalock, Mattie 18841967
Brakeman, Bridget Eve Welchel01 Feb 196527 Jul 1994
Brand, Donna Mae1975 1975 Lester C. Litesey FHM also
Brand, James Dean1964 2010 Lester C. Litesey FHM only
Brand, Katie Louise1927 2011 Lester C. Litesey FHM only
Brookshire, Edmond C.02 Jan 187415 Dec 1928add'l
Brookshire, Martha Ann12 May 188212 Mar 1928add'l
Brown, E.J.12 Mar 1890 blank add'l
Brown, Horace HarvaJuly 4, 190111 Mar 1949
Brown, J.S.20 Oct 185802 Mar 1892h/o T.C. Brown
Brown, Lola15 Oct 189014 Mar 1954add'l
Brown, Sarah Elizabeth05 Mar 1886 blank Died in infancy
Brown, T.C. (Mrs.)24 Dec 186115 Jan 1928
Brumit, Joyce Carolyn1938 1949 Lester C. Litesey FHM only
Brumit, Leslie E., Jr.18 May 194519 May 1945
Brumit, Mary J.29 Jan 191905 Jun 1945
C Bno dates Footstone only
Camp, Charles Van16 Jan 194802 Aug 2005Olin L. Gammage & Sons FHM also
Cargile, Lillie Marie July 13, 190121 Jun 1995add'l
Cargile, Martha M.1883 1967 add'l
Cargile, Robert L.1882 1937add'l
Carroll, Henry H.18401913add'l
Carroll, Ilah21 Nov 190529 Nov 1989
Carroll, Octavia12 Mar 186806 Nov 1943
Carroll, Sarah F.18411928add'l
Carroll, Thomas Wiley28 Dec 187128 Dec 1949
Carter, Alfred Jackson12 Aug 189809 Apr 1946Georgia Pvt 1Cl. 17 Inf 11 Div
Carter, Dorothy Wiggins10 May 1934 blank Married Robert Carter Jul 1, 1973
Carter, E.H.18641951
Carter, Ella (Mrs.)18761945
Carter, Ella Crocker03 Sep 187128 Aug 1932w/o L. Carter
Carter, Emily 27 Sep 187616 Feb 1945add'l
Carter, Emily Frances19191973add'l
Carter, Emily Irene01 Jul 189424 May 1988Lester Litesey FHM also
Carter, Eva Elizabeth18981983add'l
Carter, Flosey Ladever01 Sep 191412 Dec 1916
Carter, Henry K.18971978
Carter, Iris Swafford02 Jan 190729 May 1944w/o Jesse D. Carter
Carter, J.E.J.11 Jan 187104 Dec 1932add'l
Carter, James T.18591938
Carter, Jesse D.28 Feb 190009 Oct 1961add'l
Carter, Jessee13 Nov 188817 Jun 1890
Carter, Jodie H.20 Aug 190704 Jun 1965Georgia CPL 1075 Base Unit AAF WWII
Carter, Josephine J.1911 1946
Carter, Lafayette26 Jan 187317 Mar 1946
Carter, Louisa Eleanor26 Apr 183502 Nov 1915add'l
Carter, Martha1856 1912
Carter, Robert08 Nov 192525 Dec 1987Married Dorothy Carter Jul 1, 1973; TEC 4, US Army, WW II
Carter, Roy P.06 Feb 191229 Dec 1978PFC US Army WWII
Carter, Tobitha C.1862 1923
Carter, W.M.09 Sep 186731 Jul 1940
Cash, Nellie Welchel 08 Mar 192924 Jan 1993
Chastain, B.H.11 Oct 187922 Nov 1909add'l
Chastain, Lee W. no dates
Chastain, Rebecca Long13 Sep 185006 Jul 1928
Cheeks, Irene 19391939Marker N/F [Info from previous survey]
Couey, Fannie V.28 May 187025 May 1948w/o P. Couey
Couey, Mary Lou07 Feb 189615 Apr 1973
Crocker, Anderson "Ance"05 Dec 188316 Feb 1943
Crocker, Audrey M.22 Nov 1940 blank add'l
Crocker, Bertha Inez27 Apr 189917 Apr 1981
Crocker, Cecil C.27 Sep 194325 Nov 2001add'l
Crocker, Cecil F.23 Aug 192306 Apr 1980
Crocker, Dorothy F.11 Apr 192501 Jan 2003
Crocker, Felix B.06 Sep 189611 Oct 1942Georgia PVT 162 Inf 41 Div
Crocker, Francis B.11 Jun 186102 May 1922add'l
Crocker, Gary David23 Oct 196723 Jul 2009
Crocker, Infant16 Jul 192516 Jul 1925i/o A. & Nancy Crocker
Crocker, Infant19 Jan 192019 Jan 1920i/o A. & Nancy Crocker
Crocker, Infant21 Oct 191721 Oct 1917i/o A. & Nancy Crocker
Crocker, Infant Son17 Jan 190419 Jan 1904Inf. s/o F.B. & M. Crocker
Crocker, Jewell29 Sep 191225 Jan 1929add'l
Crocker, John W.15 Aug 192109 Feb 1987
Crocker, Madgie P.15 Dec 186822 Jun 1952add'l
Crocker, Mary A.12 Apr 192406 Nov 1988
Crocker, Nancy Jane29 Apr 189913 Nov 1941w/o A. Crocker
Crocker, Nola Belle08 Sep 190125 Aug 1922
Crocker, Sallie L. Dempsey05 Dec 188407 Jan 1913w/o A. Crocker
Crocker, Sela C.20 Nov 189123 Jul 1893d/o F.B. & M. Crocker
Davenport, Kathryn Rebecca23 Aug 193930 Sep 1997
Davis, Jerry W. 11 Feb 197019 Sep 1999add'l
Dempsey, Allie L. 23 Aug 189411 Feb 1981add'l
Dempsey, Andrew J.11 Nov 183428 Jul 1891add'l
Dempsey, Arthur F.1904 1972 add'l
Dempsey, Bessie H.1891 1966 add'l
Dempsey, Bessie Lee1890 1978
Dempsey, Cynthia B.25 Jan 188726 Jun 1909add'l
Dempsey, Ella H.1893 1960 add'l
Dempsey, Geneva 03 May 1932 add'l
Dempsey, Henry A.1925 1955
Dempsey, Henry Seals26 May 192114 Nov 1984add'l; Pfc US Army WWII
Dempsey, Infantone date 20 Feb 1902i/o Thos. J. & Mary J. Dempsey
Dempsey, Isaac W. 31 Jan 188816 May 1958add'l; Georgia Pvt Co G 122 Infantry WWI
Dempsey, J.T. 04 Jul 190515 Jul 1905s/o Thos. J. & Mary J. Dempsey
Dempsey, James18 Oct 192621 Oct 1926s/o M/M Edgar Dempsey
Dempsey, James Clintone date 10 Nov 1931Inf. s/o M/M Lamar Dempsey
Dempsey, James Lamar30 Apr 190206 Dec 1992Lester Litesey FHM also
Dempsey, Jesse E.23 Sep 189119 Jan 1931Oddfellow Emblem on marker
Dempsey, John W.1859 1920 add'l
Dempsey, Joseph Edgar24 Apr 189830 Jul 1928
Dempsey, Keith Thomas1920 2004 add'l
Dempsey, Loyd Jackson23 Apr 189901 May 1899s/o T.J. & M.J. Dempsey
Dempsey, Lucille01 Apr 190509 Mar 1990Lester Litesey FHM also
Dempsey, Marion Benjamin 03 Jan 191904 Feb 1983add'l; PFC US Army WW II
Dempsey, Mary Ann Crocker1866 1941 w/o John W. Dempsey
Dempsey, Mary J.26 Oct 186031 May 1926
Dempsey, Mattie Sue19 Sep 191308 Mar 2003
Dempsey, Minnie T.19 Jun 191924 May 1997
Dempsey, Opal Moore04 Jul 191718 Jul 1994add'l; Lester C. Litesey FHM also
Dempsey, Paul C.17 Oct 188821 Apr 1910
Dempsey, Sarah A.28 Jul 183316 Apr 1907add'l
Dempsey, T.J.24 May 186226 Apr 1905
Dempsey, Thomas A.1894 1954 add'l
Dempsey, William H.1885 1970 add'l
Donehoo - Lewis Located on wall near Percy Hill grave
Dowdy, Alvis01 Jun 196703 Jan 1993Freeman Harris FHM also
Dowdy, Ashley Gail1994 1994 Lester C. Litesey FHM only
Dowdy, Daniel Lafayette09 Jul 193424 Jun 2012Henderson & Sons FHM also
Dowdy, Imogene01 Jul 1940blank
Easterwood, Annie Bell01 Sep 191430 Sep 2004
Easterwood, Betty Dean30 Jun 1936blank Married Robert R. Easterwood Nov 25, 1954
Easterwood, Ray28 Jun 191406 Jun 1980
Easterwood, Robert Ray06 Jan 193430 Aug 2002Married Betty Dean Easterwood Nov 25, 1954; FHM also
Edgeno dates First name not on marker
Edgeno dates First name not on marker
Edgeno dates First name not on marker
Edgeno dates First name not on marker
Edgeno dates First name not on marker
Edgeno dates First name not on marker
Edge, Alice A. 16 Apr 187320 May 1947add'l
Edge, Alma G.17 Sep 190112 Nov 1929add'l
Edge, Calvin29 Oct 183223 Apr 1896add'l
Edge, Clarence E. 02 Nov 191509 Oct 1923Marker N/F [Info from previous survey]
Edge, Dora Teatno dates Wife
Edge, Elgin L.28 Jun 190805 Dec 1977add'l
Edge, Elizabethno dates Daughter
Edge, Elizar14 Dec 183817 Aug 1895add'l
Edge, Infant 14 Jul 191425 Jul 1914d/o M&M C.V. Edge; Marker N/F [Info from previous survey]
Edge, J. Newton 25 Jan 190105 May 1979add'l
Edge, James T. 27 Aug 185609 Apr 1930add'l
Edge, John dates Husband
Edge, Paulno dates Son
Edge, Sarah E. 20 Jan 192110 Dec 1923Marker N/F [Info from previous survey]
Edge, Silasno dates Son
Engles, Kelley E.15 Feb 199008 Nov 1993
Gaddis, Faye Williams 29 Nov 193028 Feb 1963
Haney, Beatrice Q.Sep 1907Jul 1941
Haney, Bess S.28 Mar 190303 Aug 1993add'l
Haney, G.F.21 Dec 185010 Jan 1923Masonic Emblem on marker
Haney, George C.27 Oct 188726 Feb 1969Georgia Pvt 316 AUX RMT DEPOT QMC WWI
Haney, George Hubert "Pop"28 Nov 1929blank
Haney, Glenda F.Jun 1941Sep 1941
Haney, Infant Son15 Apr 188915 Apr 1889Inf. s/o G.F. & M.A. Haney
Haney, J. Jim16 Nov 189929 Apr 1968add'l
Haney, John1885 1932 Lester Litesey FHM
Haney, Martha A.22 Mar 186529 Jan 1918w/o G.F. Haney
Haney, Myrtie Lue "Myrt"15 Feb 193315 May 2005Also has Litesey FHM
Hardy, Alma E.17 Jan 189923 May 1987
Hardy, Lester S.09 Apr 189515 May 1965
Harrell, Alt__ P.19161990Lester C. Litesey FHM only; letters missing
Harrell, Ronnie D.1972 2006 Lester C. Litesey FHM only
Harrell, Tommy H.1917 1999 Lester C. Litesey FHM only
Harris, L.J.29 Jun 192107 Apr 1986
Herndon, Joseph P.19 Nov 190628 Dec 1991add'l
Herndon, Mozelle E.17 Apr 191015 Dec 1988add'l
Hill, Addie Bell Leslie04 Mar 191926 Jul 1993
Hill, Frankie1943 2011 Lester C. Litesey FHM only; add'l
Hill, George L.15 Sep 189624 Sep 1972add'l
Hill, Mable Q.12 Jan 190402 Mar 1992add'l
Hill, Percy Adams19 Sep 191929 Apr 1981Pfc US Army WWII
Hood, CarlNovember 12, 190130 Apr 1982
Hood, Charles R.1867 1941 add'l; Masonic Emblem on marker
Hood, Sarah L. 1870 1951 add'l
Hopkins, Joy Adam1985 1988 Lester C. Litesey FHM only
Hubbard, Ida25 Jun 188019 Jan 1912add'l
Hughes, David Warner24 Jan 196403 Sep 1988SPC US Army Panama Airborne Ranger
Hurley, Evone15 May 194115 May 1941
Hurley, Nathan Ray27 Apr 194319 Jun 2007
Hurley, Wanda L.22 Oct 194506 Apr 2011Age 65; Olin L. Gammage & Sons FHM also
Ingram, Blanche D.20 Jan 191710 Feb 2002
Ingram, Hannah Erin19 Apr 198707 May 2004add'l
Ingram, Seth Andrew Mac14 Feb 2005blank
Ingram, Shelia A.23 Jan 1952blank add'l
Ingram, Thomas A.10 May 1950blank add'l
Ingram, W. Forrest., Sr.09 Jul 191705 Sep 2000
Israel, L. Aline08 Apr 194412 Sep 2001
Jeffery, Infant Daughterone date 14 Mar 1935Inf d/o M/M J.P. Jeffery
King, George Larry (Mr.)12 May 195108 Jan 2008Age 56; Olin L. Gammage & Sons FHM only
Kitchens, Steve Allen 30 Apr 196301 May 1963
Lane, Jackie Lois07 Jul 193808 Jul 1938
Ledbetter, Donald V.09 Apr 194407 Dec 2007add'l; add'l
Ledbetter, Jacquline D.15 Dec 1949blank add'l; add'l
Little, Ben (Mr.)1867 1947 Marker N/F [Info from previous survey]
Little, Jefferson D. 01 Nov 190223 Jan 1970
Little, Mary Ann 20 Jul 186923 Dec 1936
Little, William Elmer 15 Aug 190006 Apr 1956Georgia Pfc 1885 Service Unit WW II
Lochridge, Harvey D.05 Dec 190128 Sep1902
Lochridge, Nancy E. 24 Apr 187918 Apr 1926add'l
Lochridge, Oscar A.22 Oct 187724 May 1945add'l
Lochridge, Sarah M.02 Sep 192325 Oct 1923
M W Footstone only
Maddox, Infant Sonone date 03 Apr 1932Inf. s/o M/M C.C. Maddox
Mann, Jessie1915 1915
Mann, Winnie (Mrs.)1886 1915 Name on bottom of marker is "Carter"
Maples, Carol Ann1942 2010 Lester C. Litesey FHM only
McWhorter, Joseph Leslie25 Aug 191707 Mar 2003Married Louise McWhorter Sep 28, 1940; MOMM2 US Navy, WW II
McWhorter, Louise Haney08 Nov 1920blank add'l; Married Joseph McWhorter Sep 28, 1940
McWhorter, Sarah06 Jan 185525 Jan 1941
McWhorter, W.H.1852 1892
Morgan, George (Wash)1860 1885
Morgian, Lieo20 Mar 191101 Nov 1911
Morgian, Lillian23 Apr 190628 Aug 1906
Naegele, Alma Ruth Edge02 Dec 192602 Feb 2005Sister of Edna Edge Taylor
Norris, Mary Sanders25 Apr 191826 Jun 1967
Ozell, Mollie (Mrs.)one date 29 Oct 1960Age 77; Marker N/F [Info from previous survey]
Packer, Christopher Lee "Chris"03 Jun 197822 Jun 1999add'l
Packer, Cynthia Kay "Cindy"30 Nov 1959blank add'l
Packer, Dewey Lee12 Jul 193130 Nov 1997Sgt US Army Korea
Packer, Randall Lane "Randy"28 Jun 1955blank add'l
Parris, George L.12 Sep 189105 Feb 1941
Payne, Beulah I.24 Jun 190528 Dec 1985
Payne, Children08 Jun 191608 Jun 1916children of M/M W.H. Payne
Payne, E. Artesia24 May 191026 Nov 1999add'l
Payne, Lela Belle 17 Jul 188012 Jun 1978add'l
Payne, Lillian E.20 Jul 190325 Feb 1974
Payne, Nellie Willingham18 Jan 1927blank Married Yancey Sep 2, 1944
Payne, William Henry24 Oct 187227 Jan 1945add'l
Payne, Yancey Lee12 Aug 192629 Sep 2012Pfc US Army WWII; married Nellie Sep 2, 1944; John House's Cave Spring Chapel FHM
Powell, Fannie E.22 Apr 190603 Oct 1993
Prewett, Jessie Kate PayneJanuary 2, 190221 Mar 2013add'l; Married Robert Dec 25, 1937
Prewett, Robert Samuel17 Jun 191019 Jul 1977add'l; Married Jessie Dec 25, 1937
Prior, Joseph T., Jr.07 Apr 192002 Apr 2003S SGT US Army, WW II Patton's 3rd Army D Co 358 Inf 90th Div
Pryor, Racheal Doris27 Jan 192827 Jan 1928
Queen, A. Melvin1864 1947 add'l
Queen, Alfred date 15 Dec 1944s/o M/M C.L. Queen
Queen, J.D.28 Apr 191630 Mar 1988PFC US Army WW II
Queen, Nora R.1884 1962 add'l
Redden, Susie D.15 Jul 191619 Feb 2011add'l
Redden, Willie JB19 Aug 191220 May 1981add'l
Reddish, Hoyt1944 1944 FHM only
Richardson, Mary H.09 Mar 191921 Apr 1982add'l
Richardson, Seals M.14 Jul 191230 May 1989add'l
Roberson, Betty04 Jun 191716 Feb 1987add'l
Roberson, William Hoyt "Bill"04 Nov 191910 Jan 2000add'l; Tec 5 US Army WWII Purple Heart; year of birth different on military marker
Roberts, Annie03 Apr 189310 Oct 1893d/o A.J. & F.C. Roberts
Roberts, Fannie C.16 Jun 186728 Sep 1893w/o A.J. Roberts
Roberts, Infant Sonno datesInf. s/o A.J. & F.C. Roberts
Roberts, Infant Sonno datesInf. s/o A.J. & F.C. Roberts
Roberts, Tressie F.22 Nov 188807 Jul 1902d/o A.J. & F.C. Roberts
Rogers, Onnie Dee04 Jun 191610 Jun 1983
Rogers, Sarah C.17 Sep 193816 Feb 2005
Rogers, Tattie Bell04 Mar 191913 Jan 1986
Rowell, James Horace17 Dec 190818 Nov 1963Georgia S1 USNR WW II
Rowell, Vassie R.04 Apr 190408 Apr 1993
Rudeseal, Adonage Z.1874 1940
Rudeseal, Alma Edith28 Dec 189826 Sep 1954
Rudeseal, Belva J.26 Apr 192026 Sep 1978add'l
Rudeseal, Eliza F.1873 1950
Rudeseal, George Ezra08 Apr 186521 Nov 1925add'l
Rudeseal, Huston W.18691938 First name spelled "Houston" on 2nd marker
Rudeseal, Isabel 01 Aug 190721 Mar 1931add'l
Rudeseal, James W.E.D.14 Feb 191924 May 1994add'l
Rudeseal, Jonathan01 Jun 182622 May 1902add'l
Rudeseal, Lelia Myrtle11 Mar 189416 Oct 1994
Rudeseal, Malindy Brown14 Nov 186907 Dec 1951add'l
Rudeseal, Maude Lewis04 Nov 189428 Feb 1919Also has FHM
Rudeseal, Mose (Uncle)no dates
Rudeseal, Nancy B. 18701946 add'l
Rudeseal, Sallie25 Mar 183120 May 1902add'l
Sanders, Caroline Carterno datesG.G.M.; w/o W.F. Sanders
Sanders, Doyle Frank15 Jul 191325 Jul 1920
Sanders, Ella1880 1923 Daughter
Sanders, Gilford Fletcher11 Feb 188817 Feb 1958add'l; Married Nannie Jan 25, 1911
Sanders, Infant Daughterno datesInf. d/o M/M A.G. Sanders
Sanders, J.W.31 Dec 186008 Apr 1918add'l
Sanders, Lankford Lafayette1852 1922
Sanders, Mary Smith1849 1918 Wife
Sanders, Nannie Lathem07 Dec 189129 Aug 1964add'l; Married Gilford Jan 25, 1911
Sanders, William Fletcher1811 1879 Memorial to William Fletcher Sanders; wife Carolyn; s/o Stephen Martin & Mildred Haynes Sanders; s/o Hardy Sanders; c/o W.F. Sanders, Hezekiah, Mary E., Stephen Martin, Lanford Lafayette, James Patrick & Jesse William; W.F. from Virginia, gave land for cemetery
Sargent, Charley H.30 Sep 189526 Nov 1970
Sargent, Eloise18 Sep 191602 Aug 1917Baby
Sargent, Gus C.1890 1963 add'l
Sargent, Infant Daughterone date Located next to M/M Russ Sargent's marker
Sargent, Jewel B.12 Jan 191418 Nov 2004Lester Litesey FHM also
Sargent, Kathren Nadan30 Jun 192417 Dec 1939d/o M/M Russ Sargent
Sargent, Katie (Mrs.)16 May 186222 Apr 1935
Sargent, Lola M.22 Nov 189512 Jan 1975add'l
Sargent, Maggie W.18931968add'l
Sargent, Russell H.03 Jan 189331 May 1961add'l
Shelley, Angela Mae01 Nov 194601 Nov 1946add'l
Shelley, Hellen Joe16 Dec 191713 Oct 1918add'l
Shelley, Mary Faye18 Dec 193002 Feb 1931add'l
Shelley, Nellie Jo18 Nov 193518 Nov 1935add'l
Short, Archie Burton20 Mar 192411 May 1999Pvt US Army WWII
Short, Marty Lee09 Aug 198822 Apr 2008
Short, Ona May18 Sep 189309 Oct 1968
Smith, Anne Abi Edge30 Mar 1937blank
Smith, James H.16 Mar 193718 Mar 2008
Snow, Childrenno datesJ.M. Snow's Children
Strickland, Arnold 12 Oct 192311 Jan 1924Inf/o M&M Bill Strickland [on same marker as Ledever]
Strickland, Clarence Waring12 Jun 191921 Feb 1963
Strickland, Ledever 12 Oct 192311 Jan 1924Inf/o M&M Bill Strickland [on same marker as Arnold]
Strickland, Robert Earl 28 Oct 193618 Feb 1939
Strickland, Willie 25 Apr 1897 21 Jun 1956
Swafford, C.T.06 Aug 192420 Oct 1924s/o M/M Paul Swafford
Swafford, Clinton T.02 Dec 187311 Jan 1939
Swafford, Hugh D.08 Jul 191621 Jun 1968
Swafford, Infant no datesMarker N/F [Info from previous survey]
Swafford, Lucy A.31 Aug 187305 Oct 1936
Swafford, Paul26 Oct 189401 May 1928add'l
Taylor, Edna Edge27 Nov 192408 Sep 2008Sister of Alma Ruth Edge Naegele
Thompson, Angela Hope13 Jul 196526 Sep 2008Lester C. Litesey FHM also
Thompson, James J.19 May 189911 Dec 1969add'l
Thompson, Larry Joe29 May 194427 Jan 2002Lester C. Litesey FHM also; married Mary Jo Feb 29, 1964
Thompson, Mary Jo26 Sep 1948 blank Married Larry Joe Feb 29, 1964
Thompson, Mary L.29 Mar 190611 Aug 2000add'l
Uninscribed Markerno dates
Uninscribed Markerno dates
Uninscribed Markerno dates
Uninscribed Markerno dates
Unknown Soldierno datesCSA
Washburn, Anthony "Tony"07 Jan 196321 Apr 2006
Welchel, Billy Wayne, Sr.21 May 195318 Oct 2012Age 59; Olin L. Gammage & Sons FHM only
Welchel, Clara Earlene14 Apr 192920 Sep 2011add'l
Welchel, Emma Louise23 Jun 189123 Jul 1934add'l
Welchel, Hershel25 Apr 192519 Jan 1996F2 US Navy WWII
Welchel, James Cooper06 Sep 192204 Jul 1986add'l
Welchel, James Daniel 22 Feb 188626 Aug 1966
Welchel, James Ray, Sr.07 May 194713 May 1997
Welchel, Jamie N.30 Mar 197519 Apr 2007
Welchel, Janice Johnson (Mrs.)15 Feb 194629 Jul 2009Age 63; Olin L. Gammage & Sons FHM only
Welchel, Lewis Earl16 Sep 1950blank
Welchel, Lorene Timms28 May 1952blank
Welchel, Patricia Y. "Trish"15 Nov 1954blank
Welchel, Queen Elisabeth 11 Apr 189606 Jul 1974
Welchel, William D., Sr. "Bill"02 Apr 195130 Apr 1995Sp4 US Army Vietnam
Welchel, William Danial17 Feb 188703 Dec 1956add'l
Whelchel, Bart 18811946
Whelchel, Kate 18811951
Williams, Carlton W., Sr. 08 Sep 190808 Mar 1979add'l
Williams, Ruth Sanders 03 Jan 191208 Oct 1991add'l
Willingham, Albert J.22 Jul 190213 Oct 1985
Willingham, Annie Lee19 Dec 190412 May 1982add'l
Willingham, Byron E.12 Dec 196029 May 2002
Willingham, Cyntha A.25 Dec 187725 May 1908add'l
Willingham, Dollieno dates
Willingham, Elsie Carroll16 Oct 191415 Apr 2004add'l
Willingham, George Jackson02 Jun 188410 Jul 1941add'l
Willingham, Joan22 Oct 193725 Oct 1937
Willingham, John L., Jr.14 Oct 1927blank
Willingham, John L., Sr.16 Feb 190811 Mar 1945add'l
Willingham, Laudeva T.01 Jul 1926blank
Willingham, Laura Rebecca19221923Inf. d/o M/M T.A. Willingham
Willingham, Lelarno dates
Willingham, Linda B.25 May 1947blank
Willingham, Lula Jane Brown24 Jun 188704 Dec 1974w/o George Jackson Willingham
Willingham, Nickolas G.28 Dec 184501 Oct 1896add'l
Willingham, Nora L.1910 1920
Willingham, Rossno dates
Willingham, Susan Salema Marbut04 Aug 184308 Mar 1911w/o N.G. Willingham; large marker has birth year of 1849; name spelling different on markers
Willingham, Susan Walker13 Jan 1822blank add'l
Willingham, T. Anderson03 Oct 189812 Feb 1983add'l
Willingham, Virgieno dates
Willingham, W.J.11 Oct 187615 Jan 1912add'l
Willingham, William28 Aug 1931blank
Willingham, William Lafayette11 Aug 191117 May 1984add'l
Wilson, Susie 18781952
Wright, Evelyn Evonne one date Feb 1944(Infant); Marker N/F [Info from previous survey]
Wright, Mary Louise Morgan19 Oct 188403 Aug 1967w/o Rev. Rannie M. Wright
Wright, Rannie M. (Rev.)19 Mar 188415 Aug 1938

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