Rest Haven Cemetery – #061

Surveyed and photographed 23 November 2013 by Jane B. and Jason Thompson, PCCPC Volunteers.

Directions: From US-278 W travel 10.8 mi to Woodall Rd. on the left. Turn onto Woodall Rd. Cemetery will be on the right AND IS BEHIND Northview Cemetery.

GPS: 34.01105, -85.22491

Sign          Cemetery          Cemetery          Cemetery          Cemetery

Note: There are many uninscribed markers in this cemetery.  Most are small wooden crosses marking the graves but with no writing on them.  Others found were Funeral Home Markers where all information was gone and field stones.

Uninscribed       Uninscribed       Uninscribed       Uninscribed      Uninscribed        

Bailey, Alice J. (Mrs.)07 Feb 1915 26 Sep 1998Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
Baker, Robert Lee "Bobby"20 Feb 1948[24 Aug 2007Olin L. Gammage and Sons FHM also; add'l
Bollinger, Billy 26 Apr 193603 Jul 1991
Brown, George F.19472006Lester Litesey FHM only
Carroll, Reba N. 17 Aug 193821 Feb 1993
Coley, Joel 1933 2003Much of FHM missing; [info from previous survey]; add'l
Davis, Walter Randall "R.D."07 Feb 195326 Aug 2009
Garcia, Neiani J. (Ms.)30 Dec 194525 Oct 2012Olin L. Gammage and Sons FHM only; add'l
Graham, Mark E. 09 Jul 197331 Aug 1992
Hall, Annie M. Aug 27, 1912Mar 11, 1997add'l
Hunter, Sara Dale (Mrs.)10 Nov 1950 26 Dec 2004Gammage FHM only
Keller, Jack A.19532008Lester Litesey FHM only
Moody, Jerry Wayne 17 Oct 195419 Oct 1990
Patterson, Wanza Michael30 Mar 197028 Jun 2013Flower basket only
Ponchono datesName "Poncho" written on cardboard inside FHM
Rose, Eunice Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
Sanchez, Jose A. Muniz (Mr.)17 Apr 1928 26 Sep 1998FHM also; age 70; add'l
Sanford, Hubert Lee 23 Dec 192802 Aug 1993S2 US Navy WWII
Stenson, Benjamin 1913 1992Lester Litesey FHM only
Wallace, Gus 31 May 192808 Jul 2001add'l; Lester Litesey FHM also
Wallace, Lewis W. 06 Oct 1932 23 Mar 1988Lester Litesey FHM also
Ware, Paulette 1963 2005Marker NF; [info from previous survey]
Witt, Gary19502007add'l; Lester Litesey FHM also

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