Lester C. Litesey Funeral Home Records 1940 -1977

Lester C. Litesey Funeral Home

230 S. College St.

Cedartown, Georgia 30125

(770) 748-1241




Lester C. Litesey Funeral Home has been at the same location in Cedartown, Georgia since 1940 when Lester Litesey Sr. moved it there from Alabama.  More can be found on the story of the funeral home at http://www.liteseyfh.com/history .

PCCPC wishes to thank Trey Litesey and his staff for granting us access to their records from 1940 – 1977. 

Record cards are scanned and available by calling or emailing the funeral home or contacting PCCPC


Funeral Home Records          1940 – 1977


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