Lee’s Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery – #044

Recorded March 1969 by Ralph and Jane Ayers. Updated by Michael & Doris Robbins 2004.  Verified by David Green & Johnny Hutchenson Sept. 27, 2005.  Updated and photographed 01 Jun 2013 by Jane B. and Jason Thompson, PCCPC Volunteers.

Directions: From Cedartown, take Hwy 27 south to By-pass.  Turn left onto By-pas and go over RR tracks to 1st Crossroads.  Turn right onto Cason Road. (This road becomes Antioch Road)  Go about 5 miles to Wooten Road.  Turn left onto Wooten.  Go about 3 miles and turn right onto Lee’s Chapel Road.  Go about 1 mile.  Church and cemetery will be on left at Lee’s Chapel Road and Camp Road.

GPS: 33.96508, -85.20482


Ayers, Eual Virgil13 May 193127 Sep 2006PVT US Army Korea; Masonic Emblem; married Mary Dec 24, 1954; Olin Gammage FHM also
Ayers, Mary C.18 Mar 1933blank Married Eual Dec 24, 1955; Eastern Star Emblem
Bentley, Jill R. 19681968[Marker NF; info from previous survey]
Bowman, Ben R. 26 Dec 1960Age 67 Years; [Marker NF; info from previous survey]
Bowman, John W. (Mr.)18851964FHM only
Boyd, Edgar Wilburn16 May 192826 Feb 1986FN US Navy; Lester C. Litesey FHM also
Boyd, Eunice Pauline Hampton19 Jul 193317 Feb 2012Olin L. Gammage & Sons FHM also
Brand, Arvell Leroy 18911964Name & dates from previous survey; letters missing from FHM; add'l
Coggins, W.R. 18751945[Marker NF; info from previous survey]
Davis, Charles Dwight30 Aug 197130 Oct 1971
Durham, Mary Helen19262008Freeman Harris FHM only
Durham, Paul Wayne03 Jan 195224 Nov 1983
Durham, William Glenn27 Nov 191931 Oct 2008PVT US Army WWII; Olin L. Gammage & Sons FHM also
Hampton, Benjamin Hugh (Mr.)27 Apr 194521 Dec 2009Olin L. Gammage & Sons FHM only
Hampton, David F.17 Sep 195918 Aug 1974
Hampton, Effie L.08 Apr 192011 Oct 1975
Hampton, FNUone date 1975Mother
Hampton, Gordon P.30 Mar 190410 Oct 1985
Hampton, James Jabez02 Jan 192119 Jan 2008Married Lena Jul 4, 1956; PFC US Army WWII
Hampton, Jessica03 Aug 198229 Dec 1982[info from obit; d/o Thomas James and Pennie Millsap Hampton]
Hampton, Jewel30 Aug 191115 Sep 1980Marker hard to read
Hampton, Lena Swindall10 Sep 1939blank Married James Jul 4, 1956
Hampton, Thomas James18 May 195702 Jul 1998
Hampton, Wilburn04 Sep 190203 Sep 1963Marker hard to read
Henderson, Lelia B.18911964Lester C. Litesey FHM only
Jones, Peggy Joyce30 Jan 193516 Sep 2012Olin L. Gammage & Sons FHM only
Jones, Robert (Mr.)11 May 193307 Oct 2012Olin L. Gammage & Sons FHM only
McClanahan, C. Gail19731973Lester C. Litesey FHM only
McClannahan, James A.19511991Lester C. Litesey FHM only
McDaniel, Efford G.W. 06 Apr 188806 Dec 1951Georgia PVT 8th Co 157th Depot Brigade WW I
McDaniel, Grace B.28 Sep 189725 Aug 1970
Parris, James L.07 Dec 193121 Jun 2004BM1 US Navy Vietnam US Navy Retired
Parris, Wilma S.13 Jun 193115 Jun 1996add'l
Pyle, Betty Faye19452011Lester C. Litesey FHM only
Pysa, Harriett24 Aug 191129 Jul 1963add'l
Pysa, John22 May 191726 Aug 1964add'l
Robinson, Darrell Wayne26 Nov 198020 Apr 2012
Robinson, Jessica Brooke "Jess"22 Jan 198208 Jun 2005
Rudeseal, Melissa Paige29 May 197713 Aug 1995
Rudeseal, Virginia L.01 Jan 192407 Mar 1979
Rudeseal, William Z.17 Jun 192214 May 2009
Rudeseal, William Z.23 Apr 194310 Jun 2009SP4 US Army Vietnam
Snow, Tom18751944
Strickland, Candy M. "Skittles"02 Feb 1978blank add'l
Strickland, Jason D. "Sparky"13 May 197425 Mar 2012Medical Emblem on marker; add'l
Timms, Evelyn Mae Davis04 May 192913 Dec 1975Married William Oct 26, 1947; add'l
Timms, James Edward16 May 192201 Apr 1984Lester C. Litesey FHM also
Timms, James T. "Buddy"19 Jul 194107 Nov 2020Married Shirley Jun 28, 1997
Timms, Margaret19261978FHM only
Timms, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs.)05 Sep 193827 Mar 2007Olin L. Gammage FHM only
Timms, Shirley J.20 May 1947blank Married Buddy Jun 28, 1998
Timms, William C. "Son"16 Aug 192515 Nov 2003add'l; Married Evelyn Oct 26, 1946; Lester C. Litesey FHM also
Timms, Willie Mae Coggins (Mrs.)19231985Olin L. Gammage & Sons FHM only
Tracy, Eugene James27 Jul 191623 Sep 1959Georgia PVT Co A 29 Infantry; Lester C. Litesey FHM also
Tracy, Harvey P.11 Jun 189527 May 1954
Tracy, Kate F.25 Feb 189731 Oct 1964
Uninscribed Marker
Uninscribed Marker Located next to Arvell Leroy Brand
Uninscribed Marker
Uninscribed Marker no dates FHM only; letters & dates missing
Uninscribed Marker
Vinson, Connie P.15 Oct 192305 Jun 2001Married William Jan 3, 1942; add'l
Vinson, Michael Walter03 Jul 194617 Feb 1966add'l
Vinson, William Lyle, Sr.03 Oct 192118 Mar 1987Married Connie Jan 3, 1943; TEC 5 US Army WWII; add'l
Wilkes, Benjamin F. "Ben" (Rev.)04 Feb 191121 Feb 1988
Wilkes, Dollie M.28 Jan 191714 Jan 2000Lester C. Litesey FHM also
Wright, Ed15 Jun 190929 Apr 1990add'l
Wright, Nellie23 Aug 191318 Jan 1973add'l

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