Hubbard-Brooks Cemetery – #034

Recorded September 1969 by Ralph and Jane Ayers. Survey by PCCPC Volunteers 2005.  Verified by David Green Sept. 15, 2005

Directions:  From Cedartown head SW on N Main St. and make a slight left onto Cason Rd.  Travel abt. 9.5 mi on Cason Rd. which turns into Antioch Rd. and eventually Morgan Valley Rd.  Road to cemetery is on the left with a cable across it and was being pulp-wooded (9/23/2013).  Cemetery is on private property.  A hunting club leases the property.

GPS: 33.97029, -85.12114

Note: GA & SC lines – REVOLUTIONARY WAR the only known Rev War Vet buried in Polk County [new marker on grave, placed there in 1950 & then again around 1970 by the Wm. Witcher Chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution.]  Ceremony honoring Micajah Brooks was held 04 July 2015 at the cemetery.

Attached are pictures of Hubbard-Brooks Cemetery before and after it was cleaned by PCCPC Volunteers.

Before     Before     Before     After     After     After     Field Stones     Field Stones

Agan, Henry one date 17 Dec 1898
Blissit, Benjamine W. 25 May 188710 Nov 1887s/o W.J. & N.J. Blissitt; add'l
Blissit, Nancy J. 14 Feb 1853blank
Blissitt, Nancy W. 20 Jun 180903 Aug 1880w/o Reason Blissitt
Blissitt, Reason
Blissitt, Sara Virginia Jun 1914Jan 1915
Blissitt, William J. 09 Jul 183803 May 1905add'l; add'l
Brooks, Micajah 25 Dec 176115 Jun 1863GA & SC Lines, Rev War
Brooks, Nancy C. 11 Oct 186011 Sep 1863 add'l
Brooks, Thomas W. 18 Apr 185711 Aug 1861add'l
C.F.P. no dates Footstone
Duggar, no dates Small stone with name only
Duggar, M.E. no dates Marker with name only
Golden, James T. 29 Dec 186720 Oct 1869[Marker N/F; info from previous survey]; slate stone
Head, Albert 29 Nov 189814 Apr 1917
Head, Manly 12 Mar 190223 Mar 1902s/o J.C. & Dora Head
Moncrief, Mary 20 Apr 186110 Apr 1909
Morgan, Robert Hurmon 08 Jul 189018 Jun 1891s/o B.E. & M.A. Morgan; add'l
Morgan, Sarah 10 Aug 182411 Dec 1897
Nettles, Richard N. June 10, 1900June 11, 1900GA SIC USN WWII
Phillips, Amanda one date 12 Sep 1862Inf d/o W.M. & Carry Phillips; aged 4 mos. & 3 ds.; add'l
Phillips, Welsey S. one date 15 Jan 1860Inf s/o W.M. & Carry Phillips; aged 4 months; add'l
Swinney, Charles Mabry 18611924
Wynn, C.A. Porham 01 Nov 183530 Nov 1899w/o R.C. Wynn; add'l
Wynn, Charles David 20 Jul 191420 Jul 1914
Wynn, Charles P. 04 Mar 187024 Jul 1958
Wynn, Infant 21 Feb 187922 Sep 1879s/o R.C. & C.A. Wynn; add'l
Wynn, Infant 24 Nov 187518 Dec 1875Inf d/o R.C. & C.A. Wynn; add'l
Wynn, J.T. 10 Feb 186727 May 1898 add'l
Wynn, Lou 30 Sep 187209 Jun 1949
Wynn, Marie E. Estis no dates w/o Minos R. Wynn
Wynn, Mollie Dora 17 Sep 191519 Sep 1915
Wynn, Nellie C. 17 Nov 188907 Nov 1919
Wynn, Robert C. 08 Dec 183207 Feb 1906Pvt., GA LT ARTY, CSA; Masonic Emblem; last name spelled Wynne on military marker; add'l

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