Hightower Cemetery – #039

Recorded February 1972 by Ralph and Jane Ayers.  Survey by David Green October 10, 2005.  Updated and photographed 22 Sep 2012 by Butch and Jane B. Thompson, PCCPC Volunteers.

Directions:  From Cedartown, take Hwy 27 south to by-pass.  Turn left onto By-pass.  Go over railroad tracks and turn right on first road to right.  This will be Cason Road (which becomes Antioch Road and then Morgan Valley Road).  Stay on this road for about 6 miles.  Antioch Baptist Church will be on the left.  Turn right onto Hightower Mountain Road.  Go about 2 miles.  The cemetery is in a field behind the old Hightower home.

GPS: 33.94914, -85.15508

Note: Taken from Polk County, Georgia Cemeteries, In the Corners of Forever, Volume I by Ralph and Jane Ayers.

“This cemetery is located on what now is the property of Ben Cochran but was originally the home and farm of Elias D. Hightower. This home has been remodeled but was an old colonial home at one time having columns that went from porch to the roof of the second floor. Carter’s have also lived in the home – they were relations. This cemetery looks to be about 50 square feet and is now open to the pasture of the Cochran’s farm. The cemetery is some distance behind the home on a little slope. Also located several miles further south of this home are the ruins of the one time Hightower Mills and the Falls, which was owed by Elias Hightower; a grist mill where corn and grain were ground on the lower floor and on the upper floor was a woolen mill”.

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Anderson, H.M. 1 Nov 1854 9 Jan 1907Top of marker lying on ground; add'l
Bullock, Martha S.22 Oct 1880 22 Jun 1887d/o A.G & A.M. Bullock; add'l
Carter, Daniel N. 24 Jan 1868 16 Feb 1892s/o E.C & M.A. Carter; marker off base
Carter, E.C. 1 Jul 1837 9 Oct 1906
Carter, E.D. 11 Jul 1860 13 Sep 1891s/o E.C & M.A. Carter
Carter, E.R. 23 Jul 1865 22 Oct 1950
Carter, Lille 8 Aug 1878 25 Nov 1929
Carter, Mattie A. 5 Jun 1841 8 Feb 1910 add'l
Darden, William F. 7 Mar 1817 25 Jun 1884Masonic emblem on marker; marker broken since last survey in 2005
Flanegan, Emery A. 2 Jul 1866 18 Sep 1866 add'l
Flanegan, Hattie S. 25 Jan 1847 18 Sep 1882
Gresham, Lizzie Bell11 Apr 188116 Mar 1886d/o H.M. & Bell Gresham; unsure of dates; hard to read; dates from 2005 survey: 11 Jun 1897 - 10 Jul 1898
Hightower, Archie J. 10 Aug 1867 28 Aug 1873s/o T.M. & L.E. Hightower; foot marker
Hightower, Elias D. 13 Sep 1808 4 May 1892 add'l
Hightower, Elias G. 1 Nov 1850 15 Aug 1852s/o F.D. & M.A. Hightower
Hightower, Mary A. 17 Nov 1813 10 July 1887w/o E.D. Hightower
Jefferson, John Thomas 17 Feb 1863 3 Jan 1888[Marker NF; info from 2005 survey
Stephenson, G. 24 Sep 1895 24 Oct 1895Marker is in pieces
Stephenson, Ina 27 Jan 1897 3 Feb 1897 Marker is in pieces
UnidentifiedField Stone
UnidentifiedField Stone
UnidentifiedUnreadable; "W"
Wright, B.F. 16 Sep 1820 12 May 1880
Wright, Mary E. Jenkins5 Nov 1822 9 May 1894w/o B.F. Wright; marker off base


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