Evening Star Cemetery – #091

Surveyed and partially photographed 12 Aug 2005 by PCCPC Volunteers.

Directions: From Cedartown, take Hwy 27 south to the By-pass. Turn left onto the By-pass and go about miles to East Point Road. Turn left onto East Point Road. Look toward the left and cemetery will be on the left.

GPS: 33.99972, -85.22927

Lot          Building          Cemetery          Cemetery          Cemetery

Brown, William H. 04 Jul 1937 15 Jun 1973 add'l
Brown, Willie31 Mar 190316 Oct 1983[Info per Wingfield FH records]
Butler, Hattie Mae (Mrs.)05 May 1895 04 Jan 1976[Info per Wingfield FH records: DOB 17 May 1901]
Ellison, Willie Mae10 Apr 189205 Dec 1965[Info per Wingfield FH records]
Everhart, Lois 11 Jun 1910 blank
Everhart, Robert 10 Jun 1906 12 Jun 1963 add'l
Everhart, Rufus 16 May 1903 19 Aug 1976
Frieson, Hiddie M.12 Jul 197712 Jul 1977[Info per Wingfield FH records]
Hart, Cora25 Dec08 Jan 1985[Info per Wingfield FH records]
Hudson, Jennie01 Sep 188628 Mar 1964[Info per Wingfield FH records]
Leaks, Russell 20 Mar 1906 08 Jul 1970
Lynch, Earl [Infant]26 Oct 196828 Dec 1968[Info per Wingfield FH records]
McCullough, J.D. 24 May 1908 18 Feb 1969Georgia Pvt US Army WWII
McCullough, L.D.N/L27 Jul 1961[Info per Wingfield FH records]
McCullough, Luvenious 14 Aug 1915 27 Aug 1989[Info per Wingfield FH records: First name spelled Louvernia]; add'l
McCullough, M.C. 20 May 1908 02 Jan 1972 add'l
Morgan, Morris, Sr.22 Mar 190524 Nov 1964[Info per Wingfield FH records]
Pace, Joseph Mitchell 27 Nov 1954 04 Jul 1973
Pannell, Fannie (Mrs.)no dates
Peek, William [Bill]23 Sep 191016 Apr 1983[Info per Wingfield FH records]
Pullin, Estella (Mrs.)02 Mar 1905 04 Nov 1986[Info per Wingfield FH records: Estella Price Pullen]
Pullin, Richard (Mr.)16 Sep 1888 19 Nov 1972[Info per Wingfield FH records: Richard Pullen; DOB 16 Sep 1889]
Robertson, Shirley A. Erwin28 May 194502 Nov 1967[Info per Wingfield FH records]
Sherfield, King 1906 1967
Sumlin, Florence13 Dec 190917 Dec 1987[Info per Wingfield FH records]
Unknown1930 1974
Unknownno datesLocated in same lot next to Luvenious McCullough
Unknownno dates
Unknownno dates
Veal, Polly 07 Oct 1906
Veal, Roy 29 Jan 1926 27 Nov 1971 add'l
Veal, William 09 Jul 1922 18 Jul 1981 Tec 5 US Army WWII

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