Dugdown Baptist Church Cemetery – #084

Recorded Summer of 1973 by Ralph and Jane Ayers.  Surveyed by Michael and Doris Robbins 2000.  Updated by PCCPC Volunteers August 28, 2007.  Updated and photographed 08 Nov 2013 by Jane B. and Jason Thompson, PCCPC Volunteers.

Directions: From Cedartown head North toward GA-1 about 0.3 mi. Turn left onto GA-1 S and travel 11.7 mi to Dugdown Rd. on the right. Continue on Dugdown Rd. 1.3 mi, then turn left onto 10 Oaks Rd. The church and cemetery will be on the left.

GPS: 33.89834, -85.25038

Sign          Church          Church          Cemetery

Addison, Dorace H. 25 Oct 192721 Mar 1993Lester Litesey FHM also
Addison, Johnas "Bud" 08 Jul 191426 Aug 1977
Green, Danny Lee 28 Jan 198216 Aug 2000Hightower FHM only
Green, Dorothy D.06 Sep 193907 Jan 2011Hightower FHM only
Green, Dorothy Mae06 Sep 193907 Jan 2011
Green, Larry Lee 30 Dec 193202 Jun 2000US Army Korea
Houston, Jimmy L.28 Jul 195314 Dec 2010add'l
Houston, Linda G.11 Oct 1952blank add'l
Hulsey, Harlin J. 29 Mar 193703 Feb 2003Lester Litesey FHM also; add'l
Hulsey, Harold W. 23 Feb 195107 Aug 1994SR US Navy Vietnam
Hulsey, Jimmie H.13 Nov 196512 Feb 1966add'l
Hulsey, Josh 28 Oct 190825 Dec 1977add'l
Hulsey, Mary Lou 06 Nov 190922 Jan 1978add'l
Hulsey, Thelma S. 04 Mar 194813 Jun 1994add'l
Johns, Lillie M.18881980
Johns, William F.18851962
Kirk, Edward Feb 1919Dec 1996
Kirk, Vennie CarnesMay 1920May 1988
Lowery, Lois D. "J.J."05 Mar 193112 Mar 2002
McKibben, Charles E.01 Apr 194809 Aug 2007
McWilliams, John William23 Mar 194528 Aug 1968[Marker NF; info per Litesey FH records]; McWilliams, Jack H. (Father)
Myrick, O.B., Jr.30 Jul 193805 Nov 2000Pvt US Army
Noel, Evelyn 19281973
Phillips, Zoe Yvette26 Jul 196023 Nov 2010SP4 US Army
Pointer, Hunterone date07 Jan 2000
Simpson, Kimberly J.07 Jun 198019 Dec 2010
Timms, Armenda E. 08 Oct 191415 Sep 1984add'l
Timms, Bennie Lowell22 May 194424 Oct 2012
Timms, Henry Lowell13 Oct 192112 Dec 1985Pvt US Army WWII; add'l
Timms, Steven Dusty 20 Dec 198821 Dec 1988Gammage FHM hard to read; [info from previous survey]
Vines, Eugene Edward 13 Jan 193627 Nov 2000SP5 US Army
Vines, Nellie Mae 20 Oct 191322 Jun 1992
Wood, Denise Boston02 Mar 196631 Mar 2011
Wood, M. Louise 12 Jun 192710 May 2005add'l
Wood, Robert T. 01 Jan 192112 Jan 1994add'l; PFC US Army WWII

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