D.L. Roberts Cemetery – #098

(aka New Harmony Cemetery) 

Survey 2005 by Freddie Thompson and photographed by Greg Gray, PCCPC Volunteers. 

Directions: From N Main St in Cedartown head SW toward E. Queen St. Turn right onto West Ave and then a slight left onto Adamson St. Take the 3rd right onto Prior Station Rd. and continue 1.8 mi. Cemetery is across dirt drive to the right from New Harmony Cemetery.

GPS: 34.01352, -85.30420

Note: This cemetery was started by the owners of Roberts Funeral Home and many people call it New Harmony Cemetery since it is next to New Harmony Baptist Church. A dirt road separates it from the New Harmony Cemetery.

Uninscribed          Uninscribed          Uninscribed          Uninscribed          Uninscribed    Uninscribed          Field Stone          Lot          Uninscribed

Allen, JoanaMar 1867Name & date hand printed & etched onto homemade marker; dates extremely hard to read
Allen, Thomas J.18 Sep 1939Name & date hand printed & etched onto homemade marker; dates extremely hard to read
Baker, Frank20 May 189611 Jul 1941
Barnett, Sarah Caroline Dial20 Oct 185325 Mar 1938
Barnwell, Inez J.31 Jul 192525 Jan 1994add'l
Barnwell, William L.05 Aug 192103 Jan 2005add'l
Berry, John Needham20 Mar 189715 Oct 1952Georgia Pvt 57 Pioneer Infantry WWI
Berry, Lee D.17 May 186325 Aug 1929
Berry, Mary A.28 Feb 187405 Sep 1946
Bolden, Thomas Allen04 Feb 190116 Oct 1951
Bowman, E.J.29 Mar 186802 Jun 1922
Bowman, Sarah07 Feb 186907 Jan 1931
Bradshaw, Eugen Aniel19251925Olin Gammage FHM only; letters missing from name; middle name possibly Daniel
Bradshaw, Patricia Elaineno datesFHM only
Britton, Eugenia Ann31 Jan 185726 Feb 1944w/o Francis A. Britton
Brown, Alton Bartley06 May 191723 Mar 1931
Brown, E.B.26 Sep 185123 Feb 1923
Brown, M.A.14 Nov 185204 Jan 1941
Brumit, Timothy J.19641964Lester Litesey FHM only
Cantrell, Dorsey18981945
Carter, James M.29 May 193223 Feb 1973Pvt US Army Korea; Lester Litesey FHM also; dates on FHM 1934-1973
Cash, Maybell Rogers03 Nov 189513 Feb 1976
Chandler, Carl E.17 Feb 192704 Feb 2006Pvt US Army WWII
Chandler, Frances P.07 Apr 186527 Jun 1964add'l
Chandler, Geneva14 Mar 190703 Dec 1928
Chandler, Idella28 Jan 188516 Aug 1968
Chandler, Thomas M.09 Feb 185907 Jul 1949add'l
Chastain, Mollie Reid28 Apr 189016 May 1932w/o W.J. Chastain
Chastain, Virginia29 Jan 191413 Sep 1930d/o M/M W.J. Chastain
Cobb, Infantone date23 Dec 1934Inf. s/o Lum & Lillie Cobb
Cobb, James J.01 May 186310 Mar 1934add'l
Cobb, Texanna C.22 Dec 186520 Mar 1943add'l
Cobb, Troy11 Aug 192711 Aug 1927Inf. s/o S.P. & Mackie Cobb
Cook, Arlene11 Jul 192601 May 1943
Cook, Elsie19261948Old FH concrete marker
Crawford, Willie S.17 Nov 190802 Dec 1925
Davis, Annie T.17 Aug 189702 Feb 1988add'l
Davis, Charlie B.19031938
Davis, Hazel L.19301944
Davis, Henry O.18881951
Davis, John Horace, Jr.31 Jul 192108 Feb 1977MM1 US Navy WWII
Davis, John Horace., Sr.28 Feb 189109 Oct 1961Georgia Pvt Co D 1 Inf Repl Regt WWI
Davis, John W.26 Aug 186516 Feb 1938
Davis, Lula C.07 Nov 186803 May 1941
Davis, M.I.no dates
Davis, Mattieno dates
Davis, Nancy12 Oct 193101 Jan 1932d/o M/M J.H. Davis
Davis, Pearl19131932
Davis, Robert Lee23 Aug 192810 Apr 1929s/o J.H. & Annie Davis
Davis, Sara E.24 May 192013 Mar 1962
Dial, Ernest Pete191022 Oct 1952
Dial, Ezra J.28 May 188423 Apr 1958
Dial, Nancy Godwin18 Nov 188208 Aug 1938Dedicated to the Memory of Our Family- Ray & Elizabeth Dial
Dial, William Patterson15 Dec 187609 Apr 1961Middle name "Pattason" on 2nd marker
Eaves, Barbara Byrd19031934
Eaves, Ellis C.18961968
Eaves, Harold19341935
Freeman, Bertha F.08 Apr 190017 Mar 1982
Freeman, Lois E.08 Aug 189828 Apr 1979
Freeman, Nim Sidney19 Feb 192505 Aug 1991
Freeman, Virginiaone date27 Jan 1933
Gilley, Bobby Roy11 Apr 193510 Nov 1935
Gossett, Ruth RebeccaName & date hand printed & etched onto homemade marker; DOB may be 13 Dec ____, but extremely hard to read
Green, George T.18881962Lester Litesey FHM only
Green, George Tom18801961
Green, Lenoa18881962
Green, Tom Wesley19 Sep 189805 Oct 1928F.L.T. emblem on marker (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
Hanson, John T.14 Jun 187304 Oct 1938
Hanson, Lewela08 Aug 187704 Oct 1928
Harrell, Nora18821961FHM only
Hendon, William R.21 Apr 187805 Sep 1924
Hitchcock, Geraldineone date14 May 1929Inf. d/o M/M M.M. Hitchcock
Hudgins, Evelyn I.23 Jul 190306 May 1929
Johnson, Carrie18821930
Johnson, Elizabeth19 Mar 185430 Jul 1935w/o W.A. Johnson
Johnson, Robert L.18761930
Johnson, W.A.20 Jun 185707 Dec 1927
Jones, John W.19 Dec 187216 Feb 1959
Jones, Joseph10 Jul 189016 Feb 1963Georgia Pfc Medical Dept. WWI
Jones, Rebecca Willis26 Feb 185318 Jun 1928w/o W.N. Jones
Jordan, Cynthia L.19031955Lester Litesey FHM also (Mrs. J.M. Jordan, 1903-1955)
Leslie, Early Paul13 Oct 192407 Nov 1924s/o M/M L.L. Leslie
Leslie, Elanders F.09 Aug 191401 Jan 1991Age 76; Gammage FHM only
Leslie, I.L. (Mr.)15 Dec 1880blank
Leslie, I.L. (Mrs.)09 Mar 188928 Apr 1966
LNU, Infantno datesFoot Marker
LNU, Robone date1966Concrete marker with name & date scratched on; almost unreadable
Logan, Bonnie L.13 Jan 190421 Jan 1939
Martin, Vernice F.25 Jan 192511 Dec 1964
McInvale, Edward I.15 Mar 18971954Lester Litesey FHM also
McInvale, Thomas P.26 Nov 192116 Oct 1926
McInvale, Vassie L.22 Jun 189720 May 1944
Paterson, Jessie May07 Nov 188118 Jul 1931
Pearce, Mattie11 Feb 190017 Sep 1972
Perry, Annie Dell16 May 191029 May 1986add'l
Perry, James Otis27 Nov 190916 May 1985add'l
Phillips, Phil03 Sep 194814 Jan 1972
Philpot, Charles Calvin26 Sep 192326 Sep 1923
Polk, William C.19341999FHM only
Powell, Marcus Jack13 Mar 186622 Oct 1940
Powell, Mary Elizabeth24 Oct 186328 Jan 1946
Powell, Robert Olin11 May 190022 Mar 1944
Prior, Nettie Story28 Jun 187108 Jul 1922
Prior, William K.31 Aug 187711 Apr 1951
Purcell, May Linda05 Jun 188321 Apr 1935
Purcell, Sam G.01 Nov 1873blank
Riley, Mary Allene18 Jul 193918 Jul 1939
Rogers, Edgar30 Jun 191506 Nov 1987add'l
Rogers, John L.23 Jul 188319 Dec 1937
Rogers, Topsy "Tip"11 Mar 191914 Jun 2003
Rogers, W.M. Tinge29 Nov 191703 Nov 1969
Sanders, A.J.14 Sep 187117 Jan 1936
Sanders, Frances L.20 Sep 1876blank
Simpson, Arthur B.14 Nov 189214 Jan 1970Georgia Pvt US Army WWI
Simpson, Ruby Sorrells03 Mar 191226 Mar 1997
Smalley, Hazel E.30 Jun 192425 Sep 1999
Sorrells, Annie (Mrs.)21 May 191012 Jul 1992Gammage FHM only; unsure of dates
Sorrells, John C.04 Apr 186921 Apr 1925
Sorrells, Kate L.10 Oct 189506 Jan 1951
Sorrells, Mary Alice07 Jul 186729 Sep 1950
Sorrells, N.W.07 Nov 189002 Dec 1984
Sorrells, Nettie B.09 Apr 189713 Dec 1967
Stephens, Ola Venable18841955
Teems, Buell James, Sr.21 Dec 1935blank
Teems, Shirley Ann Riley30 Aug 193804 Jul 2000
Thompson, Ernest Carl30 Sep 189112 Aug 1967add'l
Thompson, Mittie C.05 Sep 189826 Sep 1979add'l
Vaughn, Infantone date04 Jan 1932s/o M/M H.S. Vaughn
Venable, Alma G.05 Jan 1905blankMarried William C., Sr. 28 May 1922
Venable, C.25 Apr 187123 Oct 1950
Venable, Kathleen L.20 Jan 1924blankadd'l
Venable, Nila27 Sep 191624 Dec 1934
Venable, Noel Ira20 Sep 190202 Nov 1958
Venable, Susan17 Oct 187612 May 1950
Venable, William C., Jr.25 Jan 192528 Jun 1969add'l
Venable, William C., Sr.11 Jan 1897blankMarried Alma G. 28 May 1921
Ward, Elsie May23 Jul 190131 Dec 1928
Webster, Dixie Eaves19031990
Williams, Annie Lucile28 Dec 192730 Jan 1928d/o J.H. & T.W. Williams
Williams, George W.18821948
Williams, J.H.02 Feb 189302 Oct 1933
Williams, Lewis J.21 Jul 191911 Jul 1930
Williams, Sarah M.31 Aug 192210 Jul 1923d/o J.H. & T.W. Williams
Williams, Thurza Winford05 Oct 190204 Jan 1928w/o J.H. Williams
Witt, Tessie27 Feb 1908Mar 1931Gammage FHM only
Woodall, Charles W.22 Jan 191512 Nov 1949
Woodall, Minnie C.03 Sep 189618 Nov 1974
Worthington, Annie H.12 Mar 188427 Feb 1958
Worthington, Dee10 Sep 190108 Jan 1969
Worthington, Morgan D., Sr.19 Dec 186921 Jul 1944
Worthington, Winnie24 Aug 189914 Dec 1984
Wright, Albert08 Jun 190013 Mar 1970add'l
Wright, Estelle P.23 Sep 191208 Jan 1952add'l

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