Bellview AME Church Cemetery – #025

Surveyed and photographed 05 November 2015 by Jane B. and Jason Thompson, PCCPC Volunteers.

Directions: From U.S. 278 in Rockmart, turn right (from Rockmart)/left (from Cedartown) onto Prospect Rd. Travel 2.3 mi, then turn left onto N Bellview Rd. Go 2.2 mi. Church and cemetery will be on the left. Cemetery is behind the church.

GPS: 34.04648, -85.10543

Sign          Church          Old Church          Plaque          Cemetery          Cemetery

Barkley, Adrienne L. 30 Apr 197724 Jul 1977
Barkley, Willie J.21 Apr 194402 Nov 1994SSG US Army Vietnam Persian Gulf
Blair, Philip 19081976Tec4 US Army WWII
Calaway, Warren 186029 Jun 1926 add'l
Chislom, Elizabeth03 Jan 191928 Mar 2009FK Jones FHM also
Clemons, Azzie L. (Mrs.)02 Sep 18951958 add'l
Clemons, Benjamin F. (Mr.)Dec 1896Dec 1972 add'l
Clemons, Benjamin F., Jr. 24 Aug 192319 Oct 1997STM1 US Navy WWII
Clemons, Little Alvin 02 Mar 195309 Sep 1955 addl; add'l
Clemons, Mattie Lee (Mrs.)09 Feb 193225 Mar 2011Age 79; FHM only
Clemons, Wilber 04 Dec 191519 Nov 1970Georgia PFC 1564 Base Unit AAF WWII
Clemons, Willie
Cook, Wesley E. no dates Marker NF [info from previous survey]
Cooper, Charles D. "Coop" 15 Dec 197925 Sep 2001
Dave, Luegene S. (Mrs.)one dateFeb 11 1950Old FH marker
Fedrick, Jack 19 Nov 188210 Nov 1962 add'l
Fedrick, Julius (Mrs.)one date10 Aug 1980Marker NF [info from previous survey]
Fedrick, Minnie L. 11 Mar 188602 Aug 1955add'l
Ferrell, F.K. Marker NF [info from previous survey]
Ferrell, James06 Nov 195119 Feb 1962
Ferrell, Ronny 22 Jul 195723 Oct ____Marker NF [info from previous survey]
Ferrell, Sallie F. 23 Oct 1888 Stone partially buried in ground; DOD unknown
Ferrell, Zeke one date15 May 1980Marker NF [info from previous survey]; 66 Yrs 5 Mo ?Das
Frederick, Irma C. 27 Aug 190723 Jun 1998
Frederick, Joseph (Joe) 15 Mar 190318 Jan 1987
Frederick, Marion Jones 23 May 193429 Apr 2001
Frederick, Minnie 25 Jul 188122 Apr 1962
Frederick, Phenia 18941974
Fredrick, Carl one date01 May 1973Marker NF [info from previous survey]
Fredrick, Helen R.23 Aug 1932 blank
Fredrick, James A. 11 Oct 191305 Oct 1975Cpl US Army WWII
Fredrick, John W. 15 Sep 192910 Aug 1992PFC US Army Korea
Fredrick, Pearl B. (Mrs.)18841964Marker NF [info from previous survey]
Freeman, George 12 Aug 191413 Apr 1989Helton Mortuary FHM only
Fuller, Joanne one date01 Aug 1979Marker NF [info from previous survey]; 45 yrs
Griffith, Emma Lou Fuller 15 Dec 190320 May 1996
Hamilton, Alexander 01 Mar 188426 Mar 1963 add'l
Hamilton, Alexander, Jr. 19241986PFC US Army WWII
Hamilton, Auston S. 12 Oct 191119 Dec 1985PFC US Army WWII
Hamilton, Edna (Mrs.)19102002Age 94; Marker NF [info from previous survey]
Hamilton, Ema Lou Hudson 03 Sep 191313 Feb 1999 add'l
Hamilton, Jennie V. 20 Jan 192906 Oct 1959
Hamilton, John 22 Feb 191520 Apr 1998 add'l
Hamilton, Maude P. 20 Jan 188827 Dec 1978 add'l
Hamilton, Vargale A. 05 Aug 193030 Jan 1954 add'l
Hamilton, Willie 06 Jul 190626 Sep 1954
High, Louise 03 Sep 194002 Feb 1951 add'l
Hudson, Clarence "Bee"07 Nov 191801 Mar 1995Pvt US Army WWII
Hudson, Hattie (Mrs.)one dateJul 10 1945Old FH marker; [info from previous survey]
Hudson, Ruby Mae22 Dec 192102 Apr 2010
Jones, Addie P. 06 Mar 191225 Feb 1943
Jones, Charles Winfred, Sr.02 Mar 194623 Oct 2006Sgt US Army Vietnam
Jones, Dorothy F. 18 Feb 192015 Oct 1989
Jones, Larry 15 Feb 194515 Sep 1974
Jones, Teddie Jul 1912Apr 1935
Jones, Tyrus Harold 13 Aug 193631 Aug 1977Sgt US Army Korea
Jones, Tyrus S. 05 Jul 191013 Apr 1983
Martain, Fannie H. 04 Mar 191703 Nov 1966 add'l
Mitchell, Arabell (Mrs.)18951978Marker NF [info from previous survey]
Mitchell, Frances 20 Nov 1923 blank
Mitchell, Horace 16 Aug 191608 Sep 1986
Mitchell, Jessie B.24 Feb 191906 Mar 2006
Mitchell, John Thomas 26 Mar 191427 Feb 1988Tec 5 US Army WWII
Mitchell, Lindsey E. 03 Jun 193319 Aug 1984
Mitchell, Robert Lee 03 Feb 191031 Oct 1998
Mitchell, Rufus 5 Nov 192101 Aug 2001S2 US Navy WWII
Mitchell, Sam 188516 Jun 1962 add'l
Mitchell, Samuel, Jr. "Bo"05 Mar 191124 Apr 1958
Mitchell, Samuel Lee, Jr. 28 May 193930 Dec 1986
Owens, Martha (Mrs.)19002004Age 103; Marker NF [info from previous survey]
Solomon, Eleanor (Mrs.)19101981Marker NF [info from previous survey]
Stocks, Annell H. 22 Jun 1932 blank Married Thomas L. Sep 14, 1968; add'l
Stocks, Clifford, Jr. 13 Mar 192901 Feb 1995PFC US Army Korea
Stocks, Thomas L. 04 Dec 192316 Nov 2001Married Annell H. Sep 14, 1968; add'l
Tolbert, Warren M.C., Jr. one date15 Dec 1973
Uninscribed Marker
Uninscribed Marker
Uninscribed Marker
Unknownno dates FHM unreadable
Unknownno dates Wingfield FHM unreadable
Unknownno dates
Unknown add'l
Unknownno dates
Unknownno dates FHM unreadable
Unknownno dates FHM unreadable
Unknownno dates FHM unreadable
Unknownno dates FHM unreadable
Ware, Carl E.F. 02 Jun 195705 Jul 1968
Whiteside, Claude G.16 Mar 191824 Jan 2006
Whiteside, J.V. Anna04 Aug 1924 blank
Whiteside, Margaret 18771980
Williams, Emmerone date19 Feb 1930
Woodley, Stella one date08 Jul 1939 add'l

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