Battletown Cemetery – #087

Recorded by Ralph and Jane Ayers in July 1978.  According to the Ayers, Battletown was the name of the community and they were also told by a member of the community that it was the site of Charley Town (settled by the Indians).  Burials have been added to the survey from Wingfield FH records as well as death certificates and obituaries.

Directions: From Cedartown take Hwy 27 south to Canal Street (Hwy 100 north). Turn right onto Canal Street. Go about 1/4 mile to Georgia Road, turn left and go about 1 1/4 miles to a dirt field road on the right hand side. This road will lead into cemetery. (OVERGROWN)

GPS: 33.98569, -85.28210

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Almonds, Hilliard05 Jul 1922[Info from GA GA Death Certificate; age 76]
Ammons, Allen12 Jun 190129 Feb 1960[per Wingfield FH records]
Ammons, Harriett 10 Mar 1862June 7, 1900
Ammons, Pinky Ollie23 Apr 192902 Dec 1958[per Wingfield FH records]
Ammons, Sarah Frances20 Oct 195328 Apr 1959[per Wingfield FH records]
Barnes, Mary Jane 06 Mar 1965[per Wingfield FH records]
Battle, Berry01 May 1920[Info from GA Death Certificate; age 70]
Battle, Clarence one date16 Nov 1954GA Pvt. Co. A 530 Serv. Bn. Engr Corp. WW I
Battle, Daniel23 Jul 1923[Info from GA Death Certificate; age 16 yrs 4 mos]
Battle, Delilah (Love) 06 Jul 189119 Jan 1961
Battle, Emma one date 04 Jul 1901Age 38 Years
Battle, Estees 31 Apr 189415 Jun 1950GA Cpl TC WW I
Battle, Nettie one date 14 Oct 1908
Battle, Thornton05 Nov 1923[Info from GA Death Certificate; age 48]
Beard, Ernest (Mr.)Jun 1906Feb 1982
Beard, Odessa07 Feb 1924[Info from GA Death Certificate; age 34]
Boozer, Ollie Willis30 May 187214 Jun 1959
Boozer, Pink21 May 1922[Info from GA Death Certificate; age 52]
Boozer, Thomas27 Nov 191915 Sep 1957[per Wingfield FH records]
Brown, Henry11 Dec 1925[Info from GA Death Certificate; age 16]
Brown, Rosa L. one date 09 Jan 1953
Brown, Willie 13 Aug 190217 Aug 1907
Cammon, Ben25 Mar 1926[Info from GA Death Certificate; age 26]
Carr, Infant Male01 May 192510 May 1925[Info from GA Death Certificate; age 10 days; s/o Hoyt & Catherine Battle Carr]
Chislom, Annie Lee 03 Mar 188827 Nov 1960
Chislom, Bennie 07 Aug 188626 Jul 1905
Chislom, Lump 12 May 188016 Sep 1904
Colvin, Mamie 01 Jun 189215 Oct 1952
Foster, Arthur 15 Aug 189521 Feb 1966GA Pvt. Co F 802 Pioneer Inf WW I
Foster, Arthur Lee, Jr.28 Apr 193024 Apr 1966[per Wingfield FH records]
Foster, Clara31 Oct 189210 Jan 1960[per Wingfield FH records]
Foster, FNU Jul 28 1926[Info per GA Death Cert; age 31; w/o Arthur Foster; cannot read 1st name on DC]
Foster, Walter 18701910
Garrett, J.D.07 Jul ____18 Oct 1979[per Wingfield FH records]
Gibson, Charles23 Mar 196426 Mar 1964[per Wingfield FH records]
Gibson, Fred 16 May 190714 Apr 1960
Gibson, Green one date 1946
Gibson, Infant27 Jan 195627 Jan 1956[per Wingfield FH records]
Gibson, John, Jr.25 Dec 1922[Info per GA Death Cert; age 9 mos 14 days; s/o John & _____ Ellerson Gibson]
Gibson, Mattie Lou (Mrs.)one date 12 Feb 1973Age 68 Years
Gibson, Newt30 Nov 1921[Info per GA Death Cert; age 55]
Gipson, Allen B. 23 Mar 193101 Nov 1958
Gipson, Loyd 8 Jul 188223 Oct 1900s/o H. & R. Gipson
Gipson, Rachel 10 Apr 184523 Feb 1959
Green, Frank, Jr.04 Jun 1922[Info per GA Death Cert; age11 mos; s/o Frank & Anna Boozer Green]
Green, Orange19081978
Hardaway, Annie W.18791947
Hardaway, Ned1891Mar 1939
Hardway, Sarah 19081929

Hardaway, Viola
Hemphill, Obieone date 12 Feb 1970[per Wingfield FH records]
Herrin, P.B. 07 Nov 187908 Jul 1902s/o Hattie ? Hoke
House [No other information]
House, Carl, Sr. 10 Jun 191626 Mar 1979PFC US Army WW II
House, Charles (Mrs.) one date 23 Mar 1973Age 43 years, 5 months, 22 days; [marker NF; info from previous survey]
House, John Moses4 Feb 196626 Feb 1966[per Wingfield FH records]
Howard, Gus25 Feb 1920[Info per GA Death Cert; age86 yrs; s/o John Amons & Patsy Amons]
Howard, Roderick Lamar22 Aug 196601 Sep 1966[per Wingfield FH records]
Hutchings, Louella 02 Mar 187011 Mar 1946
Jackson, Era 15 Jan 188807 Apr 1913w/o Will Jackson
Jenkins, R. no dates
Johnson, Alfred 19302003Age 72
Johnson, Edward J. 04 Jun 192330 Nov 1963GA PFC 4195 OM Service Co WW II
Jones, Baby 29 May 196329 May 1963[per Wingfield FH records]
Lee, George 22 Dec 1922[Info from GA Death Certificate; age 39, h/o Ollie Lee]
Mongtomery, Josie 04 Aug 189009 Mar 190_
Monrow, Alice one date Mar 1949___E.B. Jones FHM; letters missing from FHM
Nolan, Michael T., Jr. 10 Jun 196916 Apr 1971
Phillips, Ollie Boozer Willis30 May 187214 Jun 1959[per Wingfield FH records]
Sewell, Robert Lee 30 Aug 1934July 10, 1900FHM also
Terrell, Jessie W. 18641957
Terrell, Richard 18671953
Wade, Ben 184716 Sep 1905
Waters, Ethal (Mrs.)one date 10 Jan 1969Age 65 Years
Williams, Mag Reid one date 26 Aug 1960d/o M&M Milo Reid
Williams, Tamor Ammonsno dates
Williams, William F. 14 May 193109 Nov 1959GA PFC US Marine Corps Reserve
Williams, Willie, Jr.18 May 1923[Info from GA Death Certificate; age 23
Wimbley, Lillie06 Jun 1920[Info from GA Death Certificate; age 2; d/o Ed English & Artellia Wimbley]

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