Barber Cemetery – #013



Taken from Polk County, Georgia Cemeteries, In The Corners Of Forever, Volume I, compiled by Ralph and Jane Ayers, 1986.  The cemetery was recorded in 1980.

On the property of Mr. and Mrs. Joel Goldin, is the Barber Burial Ground with an estimated 100 graves.  Of these, only several markers are legible.  The vast majority of these markers are slate, with some of them being cut rather interestingly.

The legible markers consist of DAVID YOUNG, died March 20, 1874, VIOLET SPRATTLING; and a memorial marker (erected by her grandchildren to LAURA VIRGINIA WOZENCRAFT YORK, died 1873, the mother of WILLIAM YORK.

Also in the cemetery is the grave of CAPTAIN JOHN CRABB.  This is a quotation from the Cedartown Standard, October 3, 1951.  “The first settlers in this area, arriving while the Indians were still extant were BURTON CRABB, WILEY BARBER, EMORY KINGSBERRY, J.C. and S.P. PIERCE.

The first store was built by JOHN CRABB, who later became a Captain in the Confederate Army, heading the 1st Cavalry.”

He is buried in the Barber Burial Ground near Rockmart.  Unfortunately, his marker has become illegible in the last few years.  This cemetery received its name because it is on the property that was owned by the Barber Family.  Later it was purchased by the late N.A. WHITE, grandfather of MRS. JOEL GOLDIN.

Courtesy of: George Goldin, Rockmart, GA and Vanderbilt University

Spratling, Violet22 Jul 183906 Jul 1905w/o Cornelius Spratling
Young, Davidone date02/28 1874Scratched in stone

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